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North American film classic remake of the love story of Obama taking over defeat – Sohu entertainment   version of "Binnn" from the Legal Evening News at the weekend classic remake of the film "Binnn" released hit the market cold, this weekend, President Obama and first lady Michel Obama? The first encounter will more than 800 theaters in North america. "First date this weekend in theaters according to" Hollywood reports "reported that the new director Richard?" the new film Tanner you "will be released on the south of the city this weekend in American cinema. The film at the Sundance Film Festival at the world premiere, the film tells the story of the 1989 young Barack? President Obama and first lady Michel Obama? The first date in the Chicago law firm. It is reported that the film will be released in 801 theaters, including Washington, New York, Losangeles and Chicago and other major cities in North america. Obama’s friend John? Le legend, was the executive producer of the media that he has advised Obama to watch this movie in advance. But it’s hard to see your story on the big screen." John said Le legend?. Howard, CO president of the roadside culture believes that the film will be the most fire of the roadside culture of the film, the film is definitely a unique experience. I like Obama, so that’s a big part of my excitement". So far, Obama has not publicly commented on the film. The classic remake of   the "Binnn" spelling but small made in just the past weekend, Teemo? Bekmambetov’s film "Binnn" defeat at the box office in the game. This is adapted from Wallace’s 1880 novel of the same name Lu? Film, invited Jack, Tobey, Keiper of Houston?? Morgan? Freeman and other stars, despite spending the production budget of nearly $100 million, released from 3804 theaters, also harvest only $11 million 400 thousand. According to overseas media, MGM and paramount in the production of "Binnn", and give 80% of the money. "It’s definitely a tough summer for remodeling and the sequel." The paramount vice chairman Moore said. It is understood that young viewers have little interest in watching Binnn. According to MGM and paramount data, 95% of the audience in 25 years. The audience slightly tilted towards the female (51%). In the movie last weekend on the market, some small films are also in the box office charts beyond the "Binnn", such as "dogs of war" and "Kubo and gue". In the end, "Binnn" with a slight advantage to beat the "dragon of the dragon" in the list, only ranked fifth in the top. Don’t have the "pet" of overseas nearly $700 million in "ice age 5" under attack, with many domestic film released tomorrow, "love big secret" will complete its mission in China, eventually ending in more than $55 million in box office. But in North America and other overseas markets, "pet" is still strong. The weekend on the list, "pet big confidential" behind DC animation production "X" task force,.相关的主题文章:

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