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Nobel’s favor, reward the most cool – Zhejiang channel — original title: Nobel’s favor, the coolest award in 2016 three as of October 6th, Nobel prize for science have been announced, a total of 7 scientists won the title. On the evening of 3, as the first to be released by the winning project, Caroline Oscar medical prize in physiology or medicine to the Japanese scientist Daisumi Yoshinori, in recognition of his autophagy mechanism; on the evening of 4, three scientists David, Duncan and Haldane? Solis? Michael? Costly, get the prize is in the topology transformation and material of the theory of topology discovery; chemistry prize, announced the evening of 5 by Jean Pierre? Suowari, Fraser Stoddart, Bernard?? with Fehling three scientists, who have made outstanding contributions in the field of human design and synthesis of molecular machines. Autophagy, topological theory, the molecular machine, you and I have seen a long and minute statement after someone has not knowing why it is so so, here just the power of life. For these lonely figure in the field of popular, Nobel’s favor, is the coolest award. Autophagy: Life scavenger autophagy word literally very vivid description of the biological process. In the middle of the last century, people found that cells like a garbage station, full recovery of various redundant components. This is the lysosomal structure. After ten years, the rapid progress of leveraging microscope technology, scientists began in lysosomes observed a large number of cells, including whole cell. People are surprised to find that the cells seem to be transported by some kind of "transport channel", the cells were transported to the lysosomes for degradation. The lysosomal discoverer Kristen?? Dave coined the term "autophagy" to describe the phenomenon. But in the next thirty years, the field is still difficult. Autophagy is the process and law of mystery, is good to unlock code osumi. He studied a large number of yeast cell mutants, designed a very ingenious experiment, in 1993 found a lot of autophagy related yeast mutants. Over the next four years, his team successfully cloned autophagy genes. Since then, people have a clear and thorough understanding of autophagy, the cell’s own "lose weight" mechanism, and the initiation, process and consequences of autophagy have gradually entered into the eyes of researchers. According to the "New Scientist" online version of the article, Daisumi Yoshinori said in an interview, with the further expansion of autophagy research, people have come to realize that it is no longer a simple reaction, many physiological phenomena are closely related, for example, cell killing pathogens and internal cleaning, and inhibit cancer cell mature. It is because of autophagy in tumor is like a double-edged sword, can make use of their effects on cell abnormalities, continue to seek new ideas for the treatment of human diseases. Topology: from the bread circle to the butterfly topology by volume, the number of the most basic characteristic of the hole, to describe the shape and structure of matter. In this sense, a paper cup and a doughnut are similar, because they have a hole. But the bread is not, because it has two holes. Sounds interesting, but actually.相关的主题文章:

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