Ninghai, a pair of friends jump square dance until the night was a man holding a tree robbery

A friend of the Ninghai square dance to late at night by a man armed with a pair of friends rob branches jump square dance to night, enough to stay Park chatting, but by a man holding a branch of robbing. November 16th, the county Procuratorate on suspicion of robbery approved the arrest of the suspect lee. The evening of October 30th, Inner Mongolia Ji Li and a fellow dinner drink, Jiuhan after a man hanging on, think you aren’t working who has no money, suddenly sprouted the idea of Rob money flower. Lee stroll to the park plaza at Roushi, he picked up a on the side of the road about 1.5 meters long, about 3 cm in diameter with branches, looking for another object. 23 PM, Liu Hua and Tang Hong (a pseudonym) in Roushi Park jump square dance did not come home, but sat in the park pavilion, unexpected things happened…… Go to the park near Lee Pavilion, see the pavilion in Liu Hua and Tang Hong, then the target lock, decided to rob them. Lee in the pavilion near to a circle, again nobody near, jump to the front of two people, with branches pointing to Liu Hua, Liu Hua threatened to hand over money, frightened Liu Hua and Tang red two people stood up immediately. Lee mistakenly thought that Liu Hua should resist, so viciously beat Liu Hua left arm, the branches immediately broke in two, a branch in the broken spot. Lee then threatened to take the money again, Liu Hua two times out of the pocket of about $1000 in cash to lee. Liu Huajian Lee escape, immediately catch up, did not keep up with the police. The police rushed to the scene to extract the relevant evidence, to determine the identity of the suspect, then online pursuit. In November 2nd, Lee left Ninghai by train to Zhangzhou station by the police arrested. Prosecutors reminded that the time of the crime of robbery criminals usually choose late at night, most of the places in the remote places where people are less, for the object of women, weak people or vigilance is not high. Therefore, to remind the public need to raise awareness, do not stay at night in remote places, so as not to give criminals an opportunity.相关的主题文章:

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