Ningbo netizen posting question Why did not the 28 school bus on the road sexhu

Ningbo netizen posting question: why do not these 28 school buses on the road yellow big nose school bus we are familiar with it. Ningbo Jiangbei since 2012, the first batch of 28 special school bus pilot in the 7 schools. Recently, Ningbo, a netizen posted in the local forum, said: Jiangbei school bus stopped, but did not see the school bus on the road. Is the school bus into a decoration? Yesterday, the evening news reporter on the matter of the investigation and verification. Netizens posting: the bus station in the bus stop post broke the news of friends, a lot of people network called "disease". On November 5th, he said: after posting Jiangbei Silver billion Hyde square, opposite the bus station to see jishuashua parked in a row of yellow school bus. He then photographed the same post said, (I) really did not see the big yellow school bus on the road Mercedes benz." However, there are also netizens thread immediately countered that the bid was not true, "in the afternoon of business Jiangbei District often see the school bus in the run." "No more disease" also said, according to his understanding of the situation, like Zhuang Qiao Zhuang bridge middle school is located in the street, the street children in rural areas in the school, the school bus demand is very high, "Zhuang bridge chip bus driver should know, morning and evening peak, a students got very difficult public transportation car." Finally, he said, the purpose of posting is to hope that if the news is true, so that those who can not stop the school bus really run up. So that there is a demand for school buses, but also to enjoy the benefits of school bus. The reporter visits: 28 school buses running, sooner or later the train yesterday afternoon, the evening news reporter came to the net friend refers to the bus station, which is Ningbo’s bus company Yongping, in fact, is the operator of school bus safety engineering jiangbei. When the reporter arrived at half past three in the afternoon, in the midst of a yellow school bus pulled out from the company, the reporter drove quickly to keep pace with it, a road to Ningbo repair school. Close to 4 points, the school gate, there are children in the school to do the cleaning work, the reporter went to the school to look at, oh, a lot of light, this school will stop the 7 yellow school bus, called team". The driver leaves off the master said, the company is equipped with a total of 6 cars, 10 cars to school bus 12 cars and a small nose, 28 flat car, is driving this. "People like to repair schools, more than and 400 students, we must separate the two." Each car designated line, he said, running Cicheng central primary school colleagues most at 5:30 in the morning to go out, "go to a mountain village, from the company over the past nearly 1 hour drive." A girl who lives in the village before the first grade, said 6:47 in the morning, she was waiting for the bus at the designated station. It seems that everything is normal. In the face of "invisible questioned the bus running, the bus company Yongping project leader Mr. Dai some helpless," the main cast of rural school bus, but can only say that the users did not get up." According to the netizen to put forward to open the school bus company, Yongping said he just does not have permission to open the carrier. In this regard, Jiangbei District Bureau of education of school bus safety relevant responsible person said that the new plan is not open.相关的主题文章:

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