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Nanjing man illegally parked after sudden illness   a daughter: drugs or ticketed, Jiangsu channel — original title: Dad illegally parked after sudden illness daughter left a plea: medical fees are too high, not ticketed version F3: core reported Mr. Hu’s van illegally parked in Shanyin Road near No. 1 the compound, the windshield with a daughter to write note from WeChat pictures for the circle of friends Mr. Hu is currently living in brain hospital ward, has been out of danger, to take care of his wife in the side ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express trainee reporter Jetion this two days, WeChat circle of friends there two photos, one is a van parked in a wide alley does not look, the front windshield posted a note. Another, it is a close-up of the note, the message is the owner’s daughter, the original, this car is illegally parked, but the owner is due to brain stem hemorrhage is a hospital, police uncle,…… Ask you not to post a ticket, the cost of the hospital is really too high, and we have a small house is difficult to bear…… Ask your accommodation……" Yesterday, the modern express reporter learned that this happened in Nanjing, the car was parked in the vicinity of Shanyin Road, leaving a note, is a 16 year old high school students. For the photo note in the circle of friends of heat transfer from the picture content, is a van parked illegally, but the owners but because of sudden illness in the hospital, the family has no other people can drive. The owner’s daughter had to give the police a message on the vehicle front windshield, the home of the situation and request the traffic police. Modern Express reporter noted that the writing time is September 23rd. The reporter was removed to contact the public photo shoot Mr. Sheng, he said, the picture was taken in October 12th, his work to see through. "This alley is a single line, itself is relatively narrow, one side is a van parked berth, but not in the berth in the van. There is no parking on the other side of the road, there are many vehicles parked illegally." Mr. Sheng told reporters that he walked past, see the illegally parked cars are posted on the ticket, only the van with a big note, out of curiosity, he looked up, watching my heart is feeling." "At the beginning of the first sentence and then write, because of my father’s sudden illness" can not move the car, "the children feel particularly good, that is not illegally parked vehicles, back to write home to see a doctor because of heavy burden, I hope the police can." Mr. Sheng said, look at the message word, should be a minor child, can imagine a little girl suddenly encountered the family misfortune when concerns." Mr. Sheng told reporters that at that time the surrounding parking violations are displayed on the ticket, but the car did not see, the heart is also very moved, feel the police humane law enforcement, he was photographed with the circle of friends. "A lot of my friends ask me is true? I really saw, the car parked in the courtyard near Shanyin Road No. 1 lane. Also have friends questioned is not to avoid punishment and the story, but I don’t feel like." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrived at the van arrived in accordance with the clues相关的主题文章:

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