Mother booked a date for her daughter and was posted like a

A blind mother is like Forbes Tucao reservation table list CNR Beijing 10 8 April Chinese news according to voice of "news" reported the evening peak as a daughter, these days, a daughter and single table photos on the Internet by all users @ Joe -Jolene forwarding, during the National Day was filled with rows of blind Mother Ann Bureau, yesterday evening she gave mom pack study, find the date reservation form. Many people in emotion is always the mother for us to worry about the people, the table, the night is somewhat ironic. In this piece of lined notebook paper, the top line reads "Jo Jo 30 days late". Then the first row is three star, October 1st, at 9:30 in the morning, Hualong Starbucks, XX’s nephew master, 29 years old, made under the 5 arrow, pointing at "car no room", "science of language", "Switzerland just returned two years, often in the Changsha" and "dessert". In October 2nd, 7 late, Wanda Starbucks Teacher Wang cousin, 28 years old, the arrow corresponds to "no car Hengda has a suite", "undergraduate computer", "infrastructure stores" repair computers". October 3rd, 9 a.m., Napa central cafe, Luo minister friends, sons, "car living quarters", "HKUST physics", "teacher", "honest"". At 3 p.m. on October 3rd, Wanda Starbucks, Lao Zhang’s friend, son, "BMW", "college civil engineering", "pull construction team" have several excavators". It’s more like a Forbes list than a dating table……

妈妈为女儿列相亲预约表 被吐槽像福布斯排行榜    央广网北京10月8日消息 据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,这两天,一份女儿脱单表的照片在网上被大家转发,网友@小乔-Jolene 国庆期间被老妈安排满了相亲局,昨天晚上她给老妈收拾书房时,发现这个相亲预约表。在许多人感慨老妈永远是那个为我们操心的人之后,这张表的内容,夜多少有点让人啼笑皆非。   在这张笔记本的横格纸上,最上面一行写着“乔乔 30日晚回家”。然后第一行,是三颗星,10月1日,上午9点半,华隆星巴克,xx家侄少爷,29岁,底下划出了5个箭头,分别指着“有车没有房”、“本科学外语”、“瑞士两年刚回国”、“常在长沙”、“开甜品店”。    10月2日,晚7点,万达星巴克王老师表弟,28岁,箭头对应的是“无车恒大有一套房”、“本科学电脑的”、“基建营门店修电脑”。   10月3日,上午9点,纳帕城央咖啡馆,罗部长朋友儿子,“有车住宿舍”、“科大物理”、“老师”、 “老实”。   10月3日下午3点,万达星巴克,老张朋友儿子“拆迁户开宝马”、“大专土木”、“拉施工队有几台挖掘机”。   与其说是相亲表,更像是福布斯排行榜……相关的主题文章:

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