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Micro plastic chaos: 4 days of intensive needle line 90 girl students are the temple (a pseudonym), the United States and the United States want to learn some beauty skills, her circle of friends through WeChat advertising apprentice, but found that after entering the class is not a normal school, but a plastic "underground workshop:" here not only training a large number of undocumented orthopedic trainees also, private people shaping, even the sale of micro plastic drug unknown source or origin. According to the sea reporter contact and studio address, and contact with the assistant teacher training institutions to participate in the training class want to report "on the grounds, and to visit the studio: simple pendulum two beauty bed is the operating table, undocumented assistant to help people to do surgery, four days of training to be" micro plastic surgeon "…… Insider alarming!!! Girls pay to learn the beauty, but was brought to the shaping of "underground workshop" at the end of September, working in Fuzhou girl Mei Mei, pay 6800 yuan, the self proclaimed "Mike teacher" studio "skill learning injection of hyaluronic acid". May be just the first day of class, the teacher let the students practice each needle, injection. The students lying directly in the studio on the desk, to face each other, even under the temple. The United States and the United States during the class, while taking pictures of the classroom. She said that he had just started to do not know hyaluronic acid injection technology needs to do a lot of medical license, just two months in the studio for students, guests and even injection of hyaluronic acid, eyelid surgery. "Until someone come to complain, I was shocked to find that the" pirate ship ". Online search and training of teachers of the information and the work of the hospital, can not find." Then, the United States and the United States will teach the "teacher Mike" the phone and WeChat to reporters the sea. Miss Mike WeChat head, is a doctor wearing surgical clothes men, the above is accompanied by introduction of a text: in the 8 years of clinical micro surgery, plastic surgery has many years of clinical experience; with superb technology by many respected amy. The photos also marked the "Korean IFBC Association", "plastic surgery master" and "as Beijing Yixing plastic surgery hospital orthopedic director" title. Mike’s circle of friends in WeChat, released a large number of its studio to do micro plastic surgery video. In the video, some of the girls with a syringe injection at the other girl’s temples, forehead etc., can hear the sound of laughter in the background. The teacher is very alert, repeatedly asked the reporter to call after the sea reporter to want to report in class training "as an excuse to call Mike the teacher’s call, and some want to see the studio. Mike did not answer, but said the studio has changed places, but did not inform the new address. Mike’s high vigilance, after repeated communication for half a month and repeatedly added, he finally agreed in October 12th to one of the sea reporter Facebook friend requests. In the afternoon, reporters call his phone again. In order to get the trust, the reporter said he would like to open a beauty salon, want to learn micro plastic technology. But Mike still did not relent, reporters asked: "how do you know we’re here?" Reporters said that before his friends on his training courses, Mike continue to ask the specific names of friends. The reporter said a name, Mike in the phone that hesitated for a moment, said he was studying in Korea, to a star;相关的主题文章:

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