Meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization

In November 14, 2016, the thirty-third session of the Standing Committee on copyright and related rights of the world intellectual property organization was held in Geneva, switzerland. Copyright management division of the State Copyright Bureau copyright Chinese rate at CI Ke delegation to attend the meeting. The members include the State Copyright Bureau, the Copyright Bureau of Shaanxi Province, the Copyright Bureau of Liaoning province and the Copyright Bureau of Fujian province. The industry leader in southern culture exchange as the only state-owned enterprises on behalf of the delegation, invited to participate in the. Conference on Southern culture exchange deputy general manager, general manager of Southern China copyright trade base Lei attended the thirty-third session of the SCCR demonstration of outstanding cases of copyright exchange of experience and witness the opening ceremony of the seminar on "Research on copyright protection and promote the development of Dehua ceramic industry China" (English Edition) release ceremony. In the next four days, the thunder of the general manager will also participate in a series of activities Chinese Fujian Dehua ceramics copyright protection seminar, exhibition, and from all over the world for scholars and officials to discuss the home, listen to the introduction of developing countries copyright protection experience and good practices. Discussions and exchanges of the National Copyright Administration copyright management division Yu Cike the 33 session of the main focus of world copyright protection to share good practices. Lei said: copyright is the core of cultural economy. Southern culture exchange as the provincial state-owned cultural enterprises, copyright business has been one of the main business. Since the establishment of the company, it has entrusted and assumed the functions of promoting the circulation of cultural resources, including copyright. Southern culture exchange in recent years with the help of "Internet plus financial" means to carry out copyright protection, copyright strengthen personnel training, to build a multi-level market system to promote copyright trade, achievements." Southern culture exchange, deputy general manager of Southern China Copyright Trade Center General Manager Lei Zhen World Intellectual Property Organization was founded in 1883, is committed to promoting the use and protection of human intelligence works, is one of the organizations of the United Nations system in 16 specialized agencies, currently has 189 member countries. The organization is committed to providing "policy forum for members of the international intellectual property rules formulated into account the interests of all parties for changes in the world; global services cross-border protection of intellectual property rights and the settlement of disputes; technology infrastructure, establish contacts in different intellectual property system and knowledge sharing; cooperation and capacity-building programs to enable countries to the use of intellectual property rights to promote economic, social and cultural development; the global reference source" of intellectual property information of the global service. Conference believes that the southern culture exchange as the representative of the industry, will bring about more China copyright and cultural property voice to the world, and will develop better stimulate and promote cultural property industry in china. Sina collection cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values WJS相关的主题文章:

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