Many of the top Japanese media voted jump under the most annoying female characters hamimelon

Many of the top Japanese media voted JUMP most people have problems of personality of female role angry? Always do the extra thing? I do not know whether the reader’s mind has ever made you feel angry or do not like the female role? Jump, Japan’s polling site gooRanking on the female role as the theme of the series debut, held a network voting activities, come and see those characters on the list! First "day," (source: my hero, second) "Tong Qi 1000 spine ‘(source: pseudo love) third" shave cutting Rennes’ (source: eat third halberd spirit) "Ami Sa" (source: Death Note) fifth (source: "God" gintama) sixth "ice Li" (source: Fox ghost of the sun) sixth "(source: Naruto haruno Sakura") Eighth "seven are a" (source: rokudenashi Blues) ninth "black eye" (source: the strongest tenth President Hei Shen) "in the heart of America bridge" (source: Saiki Kusunokio disaster) the selected role as shown above, like Tong Qi 1000 spine, cutting and shaving Rennes and many other popular characters have you on the list. Overall, it can be found that the evaluation arrogant types of characters are more polarized point, many roles in the popularity list is also common, but still on the list. It is worth mentioning that the proportion of men and women in this poll is also just 250 of you, so relatively speaking, the voting results are still very fair.相关的主题文章:

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