Liuzhou West Ring Road will start double this month after the completion of two years

Liuzhou West Ring Road will be started this month to double two years after the completion of Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter Liao Yanming) the traffic jam problem, reading problems, medical problems…… In daily life, we will encounter a variety of troubles. Yesterday, Liuzhou City, the fourth quarter of 2016, major projects focused on the completion ceremony on the good news, the day a total of 98 major projects focused on completion, a total investment of 41 billion 619 million yuan, can gradually reduce the difficulties of your life. The picture shows the West outer ring and the South Outer Ring Bridge interoperability renderings. Scheduled to start this month, completed in December 2019. West Ring Road to alleviate traffic congestion raborg started yesterday morning, the fourth quarter of major projects focused on the completion ceremony, held in the West Ring Road construction project is located. All projects cover industrial, infrastructure, social livelihood, ecological and environmental protection. Focus on the completion of the main project for the construction of the West outer ring road. The total length of 9.6 km, divided into A, B segment, with a total investment of $2 billion 350 million two. The A section of the Liujiang River county from the south to East Fort Road, finally South outer ring road. The main road section A on the way and road, road, Liu Bao Bao outside South Ring intersection, will use the interchange connection. The segment length of 5.93 km, roadbed width of 70 meters, two-way six lanes, designed for urban expressway standards, speed of 80 km. The B segment from the South South intersection, to the Northeast extension, finally the West Goose Road intersection, a total length of 3.65 km. The section of roadbed width of 50 meters, two-way six lane, designed for urban trunk road standard, speed of 60 km. The construction of the West Ring Road, will be greatly improved, Liunan District of the Liujiang River County transportation, industrial parks and factories to reduce Liunan logistics energy consumption, industrial park and industrial park near the Liujiang River Liunan district distance, to alleviate traffic congestion in the Liujiang River County Liu Bao road will also play an important role. The project is scheduled to start this month and will be completed in December 2019. Two years after the completion of double road communication between Liucheng County of Liuzhou within the scope of the 209 national highway, is the main road leading to the urban Liucheng County, county, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County four. The road is narrow and rotten, a small accident on the big traffic jam!" Although the road has been repaired many times, but it will not be long before the driver was criticized. We are looking forward to, early project of the town of sand to Sha Po Town Road (hereinafter referred to as the "Double Road") can be built up quickly. Will upload to the news, the project is scheduled to start construction this month, completed in December 2019. It is reported that the "double road reconstruction project has been approved by the Liuzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the project in May 2009. The project is the starting point for 209 National Road junction in Liucheng, has been to the south, and finally Liuzhou north ring expressway entrance, 26 kilometers in length. Across the board generally along both the 209 national road laying, which Shibeiping town from the east across the town, the town of sand from the East through the town. The construction project is divided into two phases, one for Liu north, from north central high speed entrance to Sha Tang toll station, a total length of 5 km, the red line width of 50 meters. The two phase is the toll station to the national highway 209.相关的主题文章:

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