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Laolai fraudulent use of identity by the police found the boarding a problem before 9 pm, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport security, security team suddenly stopped. Security staff asked the eyes of the passengers Yao: this identity card is your own?" Mr. Yao said firmly that it was me. But how to look at the security personnel do not feel. The ID card is a bit different from Mr. Yao himself. So Mr. Yao brought to the police station. Police found Mr. Yao’s identity card is Zhejiang, Anji, the police also happened to Anji. So the police asked him in Anji: "where is your home in Anji?" Mr. Yao to hold a large red face, say anything. Finally, Yao admitted that the ID card is borrowed. Mr. Yao is actually surnamed Wen, Zhejiang, Huzhou. After verification, the text itself is a businessman, because of economic disputes by the court as co controlled object. The one knows that he is charged, may be restricted, so borrowed Id want to escape. After the failure of the fraudulent use of identity, a police said: "I still get back and return the money." At present, the court has been transferred to the disposal of deqing.相关的主题文章:

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