Jimmy Lin son to attend the international school warm care twin brother shiyang

The son of Jimmy Lin International School warm heart care twin brother Jimmy Lin recently, micro Bo said: "today the baby is 11 months, the black brother offered to feed his younger brothers to eat, also carefully bite a mouthful of slowly feeding, although the Fed are covered, but look good and warm!" , and drying out the photos of Kimi and twin brother, users have Kimi point praise: Kimi is really a caring brother, grew up!" Kimi, "brother love ah, the envy of the family". "From" the father where soft waxy waxy small Kimi, now will take the initiative to take care of my brother’s brother rice, perhaps, this is growing! Jimmy Lin said KIMI has now fully adapted to the role of the brother, "thought he would find himself out of favour, didn’t expect KIMI to adapt quickly, now will help take care of my brother". Kimi fed to his brother is indeed the case, the two brother was born, his brother Kimi brought his childhood favorite car steering wheel to share with his brothers. Earlier Jimmy Lin also micro Bo said: brother, brother looked at Kimi and careful care of times to hold was not a full moon like third, instantly become 10 year old brother. In the photo, Kimi carefully holding his brother’s appearance, cute and warm. Jimmy Lin’s son is not only a good brother, Kimi was a small Master hands Oh, as my father is a driver, we love some extreme sports, Kimi is very good at flower Oh, Jimmy Lin is drying out his floral achievements, watching photos, just want to give Kimi a big praise! Hobbies are on the one hand, in the study, Kimi and bang bang, father Jimmy Lin before the Kimi operation, it is a full English, this is to become a Curve Wrecker rhythm ah! However, Jimmy Lin is sharing his parenting, also said: "in addition to youth sports fitness, mainly to learn teamwork, training children encounter difficulties to overcome their mental ability, facing failure and dealing with the result of your emotions, rather than the pursuit of win win, just stick to a small target." So there is a long-term vision of the father, for what kind of Kimi school education? Kimi and Jimmy Lin according to the story, Kimi enrolled in the Taipei city tree house American Academy, the school year tuition is 150 thousand yuan, and the whole school English education mode, money can not also want to attend, the principal must personally interview by can, Jimmy Lin friend, also participated in the "father where" singer Gary’s son Joe, also in the city of Taipei tree house American academy student Oh, Joe and Kimi or classmates, it is really quite fate! Download the APP international school, see what adorable baby to attend international schools, and star two generation students do point the day and await for it! Scan two-dimensional code, download the international school APP this article for Sina Education International School column original article, unauthorized reprint prohibited. Sina education parents class!! Parent lessons相关的主题文章:

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