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IPhone 7 then exposed new defects and the flight model about digital news Tencent (blue) iPhone in the past after the release often broke many defects, while the iPhone 7 is no exception. Prior to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus "at the door" incident, and now there is iPhone 7 in the closed flight mode after service (signal) problem. According to foreign websites MacRumors reported that apple is investigating iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus appears this flaw, and gives a specific solution. Exposure to new problems in general, the user opens the phone after the flight mode, will turn off all radio signals, and in turn off the flight mode, it should re open the network service function. However, there are iPhone 7 users found that if the flight mode is turned off, then the phone has no network service signal. There is also a user affected by this issue released a video, through the comparison of iPhone7 and iPhone6s, you can see the iPhone6s turn off after opening the flight mode, mobile phone signal quickly returned to normal, while iPhone7 has not shut the flight mode network service signal. To engage in a iPhone 7 to use the steepest bright black Yan burst table values double shot smooth or with the baseband chip but now a iPhone 7 number is not much, and found two iPhone 7 are said to be the U.S. operator AT& T version, use the is Intel’s baseband chip, Qualcomm baseband chip and the other two operators Verizon and Sprint version used by the iPhone 7 is not the same, so that the outside world so this may be one of the cause of the problem. For this problem iPhone 7, from the foreign website MacRumors reported that an internal document shows that Apple has been under investigation for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus off the flight mode may arise after the free service (signal) problem. At the same time, Apple has free replacement solution is given, which is affected by the restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. If the problem persists, apple recommends that customers take out the SIM card and insert it again. As for the problem of the first iPhone 7 users, the phone will get Apple’s retail store after consulting the genius of the staff, and soon will be free to replace a new iPhone 7. It is reported that Apple employees seem to have seen similar problems before the device, so immediately gave the user a replacement, and did not take the routine detection process. Recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, first-hand evaluation, video engage machine, fun to play live, as well as a variety of novelty play.相关的主题文章:

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