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If there is no love, you will be afraid of a person’s life? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: a person to listen to the original title: are you afraid of a person’s life? Life is like a healing process we injury to heal hurt and heal someone will come to your side to accompany you through the rest of life but before you ask a person to also want to live alone, reading a person, a person to eat, a person watching the movie, a person to sleep. A person feel lonely, you will want to find someone to live. But I did not feel lonely, to say it is intolerable, when a person wants to a person. If Yamamoto Fumio had no love, would you be afraid of living alone? In the world, everyone in their way, we are accustomed to lonely people. Each person’s life, it will experience a difficult time, some people in some people struggle to become unable to get up after a fall; adhere to the teeth, even never have covered all over with cuts and bruises unyielding power. Fortunately, a long way, and eventually someone will accompany you through the crowd, a person alone just for the two person’s happiness. In 01 the world love is like all the rest of life in the meeting on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, and we all want to live can meet the most like themselves. In front of TA, you do not worry, do not look around, because you know, TA will accommodate all of your bad temper and self willed, you are willing to accept the TA’s shortcomings will not leave. We all want to be beautiful, and the good life, nothing more than to be able to like everything, but it requires a lot of effort and cost. Whether you like it or not, life will push you towards the distance. In the changing world we live in, if you don’t try to force yourself, you’ll never know how powerful you are. These years, we have a person to walk through the busy street, saw the desolate alley, endured ridicule slander. Mouth said, "a person is also very good," but we are looking forward to the arrival of the pious. Yes, there will always be someone waiting for you, as long as you do not give up looking for. I walk through the busy street in 02 as "seventh days" wrote: "no matter how good the experience will become the past, no matter how deep sorrow will fall in yesterday, as time goes by without mercy. Life is like a healing process, we hurt, heal, hurt, and then recovered." But in fact, those who pretend to be strong and brave, and do not let go of the dead, you are forced to pretend. You hide most of your vulnerability and pain in a place where no one can reach. You cry, say, some people just for in memory, and like many people say goodbye, we)相关的主题文章:

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