Hua Chenyu, Wowkie Zhang invited fans to participate in fans; fans carnival night —

Hua Chenyu, Wowkie Zhang invited fans to participate in   fans; fans carnival night — entertainment channel — jointly built by Jiangsu TV and music video of the 919 fans carnival night will be on the night of September 19th 21:19 officially kicked off, the electricity supplier + TV blockbuster cooperation, "cabaret + interactive games" party mode, Li Yuchun, Jolin, Hua Chenyu, Wowkie Zhang and other stars are exposed, tangible prizes have become a reason to look forward to the audience. In September 6th as "eco summit, enjoy the night" "purchase play" Strategy Conference, Jolin, Hua Chenyu, Wowkie Zhang in advance for 919 fans carnival night blessing, "I’m here waiting for you" issued a formal invitation to the fans, Hua Chenyu and Wowkie Zhang as the star fans is unique for 919 fans carnival night recording character declaration. From 413 to 919 Mars brother Hua Chenyu and LETV cooperation "is not the mainstream, nor do the non mainstream, from Mars, but also from the earth, I’m a fan, I am Huachen Yu, 919 carnival, are you ready?" Hua Chenyu period of the 919 declaration and his own character is very similar, since since the debut of Mars brother Huachen Yu in Chinese music is a unique existence, innate musical talent will be a different style of music interpretation of the most incisive, adorable personality also attracts a large number of fans. From last year to this year, Hua Chenyu and LETV cooperation constantly, in the music video to create Star delicacy variety talk show "you look delicious", Huachen Yu to join the program becomes the second appearance of Hua Chenyu then chowhound; sharing in LETV 413 ecological night, won the "letter of the year’s most popular singer"; August 16th Huachen Yu to attend the music as the cool new mobile phone released, became the first cool1 users worldwide, and sang the song "alien" popular audience; a variety of cooperation before, the joining of 919 fans carnival night is also behoove, as Hua Chenyu will be what performance at the party, but also let fans guessing. That piece, Wowkie Zhang fans sing the Divine Comedy night "with Bel cool to rule the earth with Divine Comedy scripts, refresh the universe, I’m a fan, I’m Wowkie Zhang, 919 fans carnival night, Bel cool this declaration Wowkie Zhang plus" "Bel cool background music, the hand piece accentuates the nature. The joining of 919 fans carnival night is also based on the good cooperation and Jiangsu TV and music, on the variety mix of wind Wowkie Zhang building, recently joined by Jiangsu TV music broadcast only large original music challenge reality show "masked" sing, become one of the jury members. The first recorded Wowkie Zhang piece skills broke out, "don’t have to face Ella spoiler" "care", teacher response to humor: "as a high-end business people, to be able to come to this program, how can I spoiler? I came to the." At the request of the Ella singer song "two tigers", he proposed that the singer performing "gourd": "can you sing" gourd "? This can distinguish between Taiwan or the mainland." In 919 fans carnival night on the stage, the audience want to see the teacher performance piece or speech)相关的主题文章:

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