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It’s a very serious topic how to keep a long flight and how to spend a long flight. A lot of friends often shuttling around the world, simply can not sleep on the plane, more than a dozen hours of flight time, can only rely on a movie marathon boil past. In the high altitude narrow confined space, each of the sensory cells are sensitive to the highest, often feel. I have seen all sorts of strange things to pass the time, someone to be a smooth flight after opening the bag until people gobble down landing; ten hours of sleep to the end, even difficult to sleep to stick close your eyes to others; a person playing a simple game machine, a face of attention, not tired. It is not the most painful to sit in a narrow position for a long time, and the unpleasant in long-distance flight often comes from the surroundings. If the seat around there are children, this trip is basically difficult to quiet, even usually well behaved children, in a long time and the rise and fall of closed environment under the action of pressure change, very difficult to guarantee the emotional stability. Compared with the crying child, the more common is the tour, is also the main reason for the plane channel is blocked, after boarding the first time the seat to together, after the plane took off like home alley laughing loudly like Laoke, a very headache. Later, I found that to find something to do a strong sense of participation, time will be better. See the movie is just a simple process of visual input, do some manual or play some games, will let people focus their attention on things, imperceptibly through the long flight, such as folding and puzzles, and some strong sense of participation and the role of decryption games. Reading is also a good way to kill time by plane, but also easy to make people look more stylish. High flying no electronics distraction, even boring books can make people such as desert travelers meet oasis like read with relish, which greatly improves the efficiency of absorption of the contents of the book. A dozen hours of flight down, five hundred thousand word novel bite down silk without effort. With the number of travel more, for me personally, the plane is at the highest efficiency and the place of frequent inspiration. Once flew from Hongkong to Madrid, writing has always been dragging me, I finished the three review, called the pinnacle of life time. As if the body is the seat of imprisonment, the brain can actually run faster. In this space, I put the story as a private pleasure. Observe the passengers around, such as Holmes in general, through some of the details in the minds of the rapid weaving of the other side of the story. To the plane, every story has a clear context, a journey of two sons and one daughter of British divorced uncle, honeymoon couples, music lovers alone embark on a trip around the world of College students…… Then continue to concentrate on writing, seven or eight hours passed quickly, and did not feel sad. Perhaps for meditation usually can not the city people, is the best time to try a long flight usually interested but things did not empty, for example, to understand English novels, or professional video tutorials, and remain perplexed despite much thought of escape, in the high time, in addition to sleep and diet, might be more fun find yourself, so.相关的主题文章:

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