Hainan, former vice chairman of CPPCC Sanya Zhou Yangshe bribery 4 million 720 thousand indicted zhongguorentiyishu

Hainan, former vice chairman of CPPCC Sanya Zhou Yangshe bribery indicted 4 million 720 thousand original title: Sanya municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhou Yangshe 4 million 720 thousand bribery prosecution recently, Sanya City Intermediate People’s court accepted the provincial CPPCC former standing committee, former vice chairman of CPPCC Sanya, Zhou Yang suspected of committing bribery case, and will be scheduled for trial. Sanya City People’s Procuratorate prosecution said: the defendant Zhou Yang at the end of 1999 to 2014, the use of his position as Hainan Tianya water industry (Group) Company general manager, chairman, chairman of Sanya Sino French water supply Co. Ltd., Sanya city tourism limited company to the remotest corners of the globe the chairman and general manager of the development office, Sanya home decoration beauty Engineering Co. Ltd. legal representative Chen Hui, × the original project manager of Zhanjiang mechanical and electrical installation engineering Co. Ltd. × Zhao Ming; et al., to seek benefits in company contract engineering projects and the allocation of Engineering etc.. Zhou Yang has accepted the above personnel to give the property, a total value of 4 million 723 thousand and 500 yuan. Public prosecutor that the defendant Zhou Yang by product service facilities, receiving finance, to seek benefits for others, their behavior has violated the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" in the first paragraph of article 385th, article 386th, article 383rd of the first and second paragraphs, shall be held criminally responsible for taking bribes. Source: Hainan special zone daily editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章:

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