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"Filial piety" is coming! Often go home to see into reality? – Culture – People’s original title: filial piety old false to come! Often go home to see into reality?     encourage employers to give employees a holiday to accompany their elders to celebrate their birthday, giving only one child no more than 20 days to care for sick parents…… Since this year, including Henan, Anhui, to Beijing, are in the set or intends to set up special holidays, let the children in the parents of filial piety. For rapidly entered the aging society China, such a system of vacation just in time, but with the introduction of relevant policies, "filial piety old fake" can be truly implemented, rather than becoming a "paper welfare" also led to discussion. Many "filial piety old false" concept of Beijing encourages the staff to accompany the elders birthday the day before, the Beijing Municipal Government Executive Council through the "Beijing times" 13th Five-Year "aging development plan". Plan to encourage employers to give employees in their elderly elders birthday, old age and the need for rehabilitation services, hospice care support to visit relatives leave. However, the old filial piety how Hugh, how to calculate the holiday salary is not yet specified. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter noted that before this, many regions of the country have proposed a similar concept of vacation. For example, in May this year, the Henan province new local planning regulations in clear, the only child of parents after sixty years of age, hospitalization, nursing leave their children every year a total of not more than 20 days, nursing holidays as attendance. The recently released "Anhui province" 13th Five-Year "pension service industry development plan" (Draft) also clear, Anhui province will formulate relevant policies to encourage children and parents live nearby or live together, children care for disabled parents will enjoy paid vacation or government subsidies. In addition, Jiangsu province has formulated family pension policy support in the exploration, through the family facilities aging fitness transformation subsidy policy, child care skills and free training subsidy policy, children take care of disabled elderly parents paid leave system, encourage family members to better support for the elderly people. The workers worry "filial piety old" false "paper welfare" difficult to implement as everyone knows, as early as 1981, the State Council on the treatment of workers visit made clear, and the father and mother do not live together, not in the official holiday reunion holiday, to visit their parents can enjoy the treatment of unmarried workers to visit the parents, in principle another 1 times each year, holiday for 20 days. If because of the need of work, the unit was not given vacation or voluntary workers 2 years to visit 1 times, 2 years can be given 1 times a holiday for 45 days. Married employees to visit their parents, will give 1 times every 4 years, a holiday for 20 days. In addition, the provisions can also be given in accordance with the actual needs of the trip. But reporters found that the introduction of more than 30 years of family leave system, except in a few countries still retains authority or the large state-owned enterprises, many enterprises in the dead. Home in Shanxi, Li Qiang is a civil servant in Beijing, he told reporters, although相关的主题文章:

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