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"Fate" to "If You Are The One guest Huang Lei male guests"   that was played Viva – Shaanxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: "Huang Lei" guest "edge to If You Are The One male guest appearance by Viva followed" edge to "six years If You Are The One fans this Saturday night (October 14th) finally get on the stage, as the male guests also eager to live a host of addiction. Meng Fei generous "shoes", Huang Lei guest "male guests" actively cooperate. The male guest appearance of the new identity "Huang Lei played at harvest the female guests burst light love, and he chose the" heart girls "turned out to be Meng Fei. Fans wish to become the male guests for a gentle handsome Chen Tianyi presided over the addiction is Shanghai a key middle school English teacher, follow the "edge to If You Are The One" for six years, from the start on each phase of the program are watching, it is a big fan. The host Meng Fei is Chen Tianyi’s super idol, "I love grandpa Meng, the ability to control the market easily, let a person admire. In fact, I have come to the scene before watching the two program, the first row of super envy to the grandfather of the grandfather of the selection of the audience. Although Meng grandfather was aimed at me, but he did not notice that I was in the heart a good loss. After I made up my mind, must be the identity of the male guests on the stage, so Meng grandpa saw me! Today, my dream comes true." Upon receipt of the notification by the program group after the interview, Chen Tianyi was excited for several days can’t sleep sleep, he wrote a more than 1 thousand word personal video shooting this morning, could not wait to send the program director, "I don’t need someone on the stage I burst light, just want to be able to meet each other love the girl, don’t let me sad marching song alone." In addition, he also revealed that while watching the show he has been presided over the imitation of Meng Fei’s style, "I practice countless times that Grandpa Meng opening, but also customized a microphone, even Meng grandpa hand the blue folder I also prepared, especially looking forward to on Taiwan to the scene over a host of addiction!" Meng Fei and Huang Lei "abdication" guest "male guests" won a second burst of light, "Meng Feicheng heart girl"! Listen to Chen Tianyi’s wish, host Meng Fei and "way", "we are a service program, today will satisfy your desire, you stand in my position, then let Huang Lei up with your guest about" male guests. "." Huang Lei did not hesitate to run to the stage, in fact, I would like to be a male guest for a long time, just give me a full bar, I would like to try the elevator, let me go! Remember to give me the lights." Subsequently, Huang Lei to the "male guest" status of the new appearance, "Hello, my name is Huang Lei, this year ’25 years old’, from Beijing." Voice did not fall, it will harvest the number 8 girls Zhou Lisha a second burst of light, "but my teacher Huang Lei idol, must burst the lights ah!" "The host" Chen Tianyi "," Huang Lei, issue orders left and right "Hello, choose your heart girl." Took the number selector, Huang Lei witty, "Oh, can choose the heart of girls, too).相关的主题文章:

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