Ever find yourself tigress yo te amo

Ever find yourself "Tigress" mind is small, and it is the seat of thought; the eye is but a point, it can look around the vast world. So, in daily life, we accidentally or inevitably found many similar characters in literary works, such as "Xiangzi" and "tigress". This is not a coincidence, but a result of the inevitable result of literature. From the life of high literary language, this is like intimacy similar throughout memory assistant. Beijing is the center of modern Chinese literature, Lao She, Ye Guangcen and other writers with exquisite art language show the charm of the original taste of the soup to the world. "Camel Xiangzi" is the representative work of Lao She’s language art. He used a concise and refined mellow and rich flavor of life in the literary language of Beijing dialect, Xiangzi’s lovely, respectable, sad, her scheming, sincere, it behaved most incisive, rich texture. The charm has come the writer, is paid great attention to language training, they refined the Beijing literature from the authentic Beijing life and dialect in essence, show Beijing to the world at the words of the passions. Liu Xie "Wenxindiaolong" cloud: "meaning empty and odd words and also difficult, positive coincidence. It is intended to give Yu Si, the words given in Italy, dense is boundless, is a thousand miles." Words and meaning with a seamless heavenly robe since ancient times is not an easy thing, learn the language of wisdom in life, make the language more mature, literary works will be more attractive, the literary image will be more popular, we can find more "tigress around".相关的主题文章:

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