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Digital publishing has become a trend? Experts optimistic about the knowledge services – the activities of the site. Electronic industry press for map. Beijing Beijing, September 20, (Shangguan) in recent years, with the development of the Internet, digital publishing and digital publishing industry has become the focus of attention of the retrieval, has become a trend to a certain extent. 19, 2009, Liu Jiuru, chief editor of the publishing house of electronics industry, the Chinese Academy of press and publication of the president of the Institute of industry experts such as in Beijing on the above issues discussed. Li Jianchen, deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio planning and development department mentioned the background of the transformation of the publishing industry. He explained that in recent years, the domestic publishing industry has undergone two changes, one is the digital development, one is the development of industrialization. The development of digital technology and the development of cultural industry have a great impact on the traditional news publishing industry." Li Jianchen analysis, the rapid development of Internet technology, making the Internet has become an important factor in thinking to keep up with the times, the publishing industry is no exception. And, to some extent, we still have a certain gap with the developed countries, active or passive, the publishing industry must undergo a fundamental change". Conference site map. Electronic industry press for map. Wei Yushan affirmed Li Jianchen’s analysis. He further shared the experience with the audience on issues such as knowledge services and data retrieval. Wei Yushan said that in recent years, more popular knowledge services, and even some of the database platform is also talking about knowledge services, and we have come to realize the importance of this issue". "Our existing services, such as press, newspapers provide the literature service, readers and users to accurately available knowledge retrieval in many literatures, and it will be a hard work, especially without the database." Accordingly, Wei Yushan analysis, knowledge services will be an upgraded version of future publishing services and Internet services, the two to the direction of the development of knowledge services". The meeting, electronic industry press launched the digital reading and multimedia resource library service "happyreading? Wyatt" system, and based on electronic technology knowledge base "mobile E" also released the same period. (end)相关的主题文章:

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