Denver preseason schedule two battle of the Grand Army of Mudie curry (video)

Denver preseason schedule: two Mudie Currie Moody E 15-16 of the Grand Army War season top ball playing pool + ultra long three pointer Tencent August 31st sports news according to NBA official net reported that the Denver Nuggets announced the new season’s pre-season schedule, they will be the 8 preseason matchup in Beijing during the time from October 4th to October 22nd. The Nuggets preseason schedule Beijing time on October 4th, the Nuggets will usher in the first preseason game, they will travel to Canada Calgary, challenge the Toronto raptors. In October 8th 10, the Nuggets will be the two consecutive Losangeles Lakers, located in commercial banks is the Lakers home court Center for citizen Staples Center and California city of Ontario. In October 13th, the Nuggets will go to Nebraska Lincoln peak banking center, against the Northwest District of the Minnesota timberwolves. In October 15th, the Nuggets have home court debut, they took the Pepsi Center against the powerful Jinzhou warriors, the Nuggets star of hope Emanuel will be the two MVP para Mudi AI Stephen – curitiba. In October 17th, the Nuggets to challenge the Moda center, the Portland trail blazers. In October 19th, Chess moved to the Denver Peake energy center, against the Oklahoma City thunder. In October 22nd, the Nuggets returned to the Pepsi Center, in the face of the Dallas Mavericks season finale. Adds Jamal – Murray, Malik – Beasley, Juan – Hernan Gomes three rookie of the Nuggets this summer, and Nate Walters and other new aid. Nuggets will be in the 8 preseason game as soon as possible, to start the new season of the game. (Niu Niu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

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