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"Counter attack" boot Taixing stardom dazzling feeling "wind" bucket Zhao Jian Tencent entertainment news (Wen Hu Mengying) October 24th, jointly produced by the media and the penguin movie kstngger urban inspirational love drama "counter attack" in Shanghai on the bright star, produced by Yang Wenhong, vice president Han Zhijie, the penguin Penguin movie film made Drama Center General Manager Fang Fang, director of Yang Lei with the star scene. The depth of secret entertainment events, interactive entertainment can set love adventure game of words "counter attack" has been the shining star, many game fans regarded as a classic. It takes the entertainment circle as the background, show a path through the grass becoming a shadow process. Once launched, long-term occupy the popularity charts, works of derivative works is continuously, also in the basis of this kind of fans, drama version caused much attention in the project stage. As the first deep secret entertainment TV drama producers and the director said that the play is about a relatively realistic, full of positive energy and inspirational sense of growth story, never go and the idea of the three routes, will use more advanced and ingenious way to restore Chinese entertainment. In fact, the drama version is not a simple adaptation of the game, but also the timeliness and interactivity of the perfect combination. One of the main characters for Danny revealed that now the entertainment digital big star story will be embodied in the play, "a lot of events we can." The play by Yang Wenhong and vice president of Tencent Inc, Penguin film CEO as producer of. The starting ceremony, Yang Wenhong said, this is a really innovative architecture in the entertainment circle, plays, is also a very young show, a lot of attention, the filming process will be full of challenges. Vice President Han Zhijie said the penguin movie, the counter attack theme and creative team full of expectations, for viewing and flow in the future is also very confident. Also worth mentioning, "red", "Kyushu sky city" and other works of visual director Lu Beike and Yang Lei will join hands again. The summer by Yang Lei’s "nine sky" had detonated a youth culture carnival, as entertainment for people, tells the story of the entertainment he is also very interested, I believe this time can spark a new collision. Taixing Push Zhao Jian Dani exposes the bucket and a small meat blush day for the first time exposure star lineup, the Thailand star to check · (Push); Ksesin, Song Yi, Zhao Jian, Dani, Yan Xi, Han Xue, Hu Bing, Huang Tingting, Li Yitong and other members of the SNH48 will be set out. Among them, the male protagonist Duan Chengxuan is a classic overbearing president by the Thailand people, the most popular male god Liwo starred in Push, by virtue of "magic", "angel" and other Thai drama full of craft and cunning, Push fans in Asia with a vote. Practical joke, love lovely character and cynical people agree without prior without previous consultation. For the first time to Chinese filming, he admitted that the most difficult part is the language barrier, has been determined to study Chinese. In "nine sky" stroke edge angle to attract a lot of fans sister Zhao Jian, played the famous stylist Ye Chen, freedom in deep and deep conversion, in the play he will also interact with the Push to rival for the song yi. Talk about her sister. He said the purpose of this role is quite clear"相关的主题文章:

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