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Club to rebuild   owners how to do? – Real Estate – the original title: how to transform the owners do? One day Zhuang area club 10 years is not open, now still enclosed recently, Panyu intends to adjust a large real estate planning, will demolish the existing residential Clubhouse site, building a new 18 layer publicbuildings commercial body. This planning publicity, causing many owners dissatisfied: how can the community clubs on the demolition of the demolition, said the alterations on it? In fact, in recent years, the use of community clubs, reconstruction disputes continue. Who belongs to the club? Club use can change? Encountered such a situation, as the owners should be how to safeguard their rights and interests? The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Lu, the reporter visited the Du Juan phenomenon: remove club building in mid August, Guangzhou Biguiyuan a detailed construction plan (adjusted) in the City Land Planning Commission website and district publicity. Many owners were surprised to find: developers actually plan demolition clubs, built high-rise, too unacceptable. One from 1999 the first batch of projects completed on in the hotel owner told reporters: "in 1999, Guangzhou garden, the geographical position is very partial, but because of its low density and a quiet and comfortable environment, the real estate selling very unpopular at the time." The owners further said that before the club has the elderly activity center, gym, library, swimming pool, and now how to build a 18 storey commercial body? In the Municipal Land Planning Commission website reporter also saw the planning adjustment received more than 1800 views during the publicity. However, Guangzhou garden area, said the planning adjustment is to optimize the community supporting. To clarify the notice posted in the area that developers in: through the upgrading of the club, in addition to retain the original clubhouse facilities at the same time, will also add a number of public buildings and commercial facilities, better meet the owners needs, but also in the premise of maintaining the original clubhouse construction quantity invariable of floor height of lifting in addition, the club, the site also will build a 18 classes kindergarten. Phenomenon two: 10 years did not open Club Clubhouse renovation case is not rare, Tianhe District Tian Zhuang area within a few years has experienced two times, and the District opened nearly 10 years, the so-called "club" has been abandoned. In April this year, the developers in order to clean up the garbage in the name of the beginning of the construction of the club, was later found in the construction of the owners of the club inside the apartment. May, the owners of the two spontaneous demonstrations, undocumented developers because of construction, was stopped by the streets and urban management, has not opened up to now." Recently, an owner told reporters. The reporter saw in the District, the developers sales promotion for supporting clubs where adjacent to the swimming pool, although the reconstruction was stopped, but the club is enclosed, there are a lot of construction for steel exposed, as the summer vacation, there are a lot of children in the play area, there are security risks are high. An owner explained to reporters, as early as 2013, the developers said the club will be converted into a hotel, in the strong opposition of the residents failed to succeed this year, said the apartment built. )相关的主题文章:

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