Christie’s 2016 autumn auction a total turnover of 71 million 450 thousand

Christie’s 2016 autumn auction a total turnover of 71 million 450 thousand of Sina News October 22nd, Christie’s Shanghai autumn auction auction held two achieved a total turnover of 71451600 yuan. The two auctions’ First Open to create | Shanghai "and" Twentieth Century and contemporary art "turnover rate with high turnover rate of turnover, which after a number of auction rate to more than 87% meters. From the auction venue, and telephone network, are very active, from four continents in more than 18 countries registered buyers and participate in the Shanghai film market increasingly internationalization. Christie’s global president Peng Kainan (Jussi Pylkkanen) said: "for the past week to Christie Chinese held colorful activities, we thank the long-term support of Christie’s domestic friend sincerely. From Christie’s in Campbell Street curtain Beijing art space, Monet masterpiece "haystack" was shown in Hongkong and then to Shanghai preview and autumn auction held successfully, Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing has become very mature Christie’s Art Center, we will also be introduced in the future more conventional exhibition and auction items. The prospect of Chinese art market is very exciting and full of expectations." Christie’s Asia president Ms. Wei Yu said: "Shanghai as an important platform for acquiring global art collectors China, is also the achievement of cutting-edge talent stage. For the first time this season, we have a group of contemporary ink paintings that are well received by the market. From 18 countries customers actively bidding, let us see the Christie’s Shanghai has become to promote artistic exchanges between the East and the west is an important scene." Christie’s China District chairman Cai Jinqing added: "robust performance today auction show great potential of Christie’s Shanghai auction field to launch innovative art of energy, but also highlights the Christie’s excellent ability of arts into the market trend. Christie’s Beijing art space launch further emphasizes the Christie’s commitment to China market, Christie is now in Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing three places have their own art exhibition space." Christie’s Shanghai autumn auction at Christie’s Beijing art space on & "Picasso Mousika and the myth of" special exhibition Monet masterpiece "haystack" in Hongkong a continuation of the FIRST OPEN photos obtained worldwide success this season, "First Open | pioneered Shanghai ‘turnover strong, the turnover rate to more than 83% pieces, the total turnover of 14187600 yuan, of which more than 1/3 of the auction price to more than overvalued. The most spectacular sound from the king ", to 960000 yuan turnover (see below). Wang Yin ‘twentieth Century and contemporary art "auction the highest price auction from Marx. The works of Ernst "Untitled", to 5760000 yuan turnover (see below), reflecting the continued interest for collectors Chinese top masters western art. The auction turnover rate to the number amounted to 87%, a total turnover of 57264000 T相关的主题文章:

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