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The central enterprises reform completion by the end of next year — Finance — people.com.cn original title: central enterprises corporate restructuring completed by the end of the "Economic Reference News" reporter learned from authoritative sources, the SASAC delineated corporate restructuring timetable, and actively promote the listing of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, project investment, and actively introduce private capital strategic investors, and comprehensively promote the reform of state-owned enterprises into joint-stock companies, the central enterprises to complete corporate restructuring at the end of 2017. At the same time, the local state-owned enterprises will actively promote the ownership of the ownership of the restructuring work, and strive to complete the work in the next two years. It is worth noting that these people told reporters that the next step in the path of reform of state-owned enterprises, public ownership in diversified equity reform, but also actively and steadily push forward the mixed ownership reform, efforts to solve the state-owned enterprises to private enterprises dare not mixed, mixed, mixed enterprises difficult "problem in the internal governance mechanism, by mixing the ownership of the introduction of market mechanism. On the basis of the completion of the joint-stock company reform and, to further establish the modern enterprise system, further deepen the reform of the governance structure, exercise behavior specification including the chairman and general manager of the board of directors, really solve the existing problems, the implementation of the board of directors shall have the liability according to law." He said. As an important part of the reform of state-owned enterprises, to promote mixed joint-stock reform and overall market oriented ownership reform, is undoubtedly the highlight of SOE reform. The State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, which gives a high degree of attention to the overall listing of state-owned enterprises, focusing on efforts to promote the overall listing of state-owned enterprises. However, we must see that the state-owned enterprise of our country is still at a critical stage of market reform, due to the lack of external demand, domestic demand is expected to instability, enterprise growth mode is still extensive and other reasons, many enterprises supervised local economic benefits appear obvious decline phenomenon. "For a long time, a lot of reform measures, bottom up, breakthrough of reform initiatives is not common." A state official said, in fact, whether or joint-stock reform, restructuring and listing, mergers and acquisitions, project investment, must be based on clarifying the basic issues and to promote effective reform. China Enterprise Institute chief researcher Li Jin told the economic reference news "reporter said, the reform of state-owned enterprises face two problems: the governance problems of state-owned enterprises, namely the real urgency of the system of board of directors; there is the problem of system, namely to clarify the details of the system. The next step is to pay special attention to the central enterprises, a company of the shareholding system reform, some of the conditions of the state-owned listed companies by way of equity financing, cash, etc. the implementation of cross regional mergers and acquisitions. The day before the reporter learned from the SASAC, the ten reform of SOE reform has been carried out, including the authorities of the board of directors, the market hiring, salary reform, investment companies, mergers and acquisitions, mixed ownership reform, mixed ownership ESOP, the state-owned enterprise information disclosure and other ten items, the state-owned enterprises at present reform leading group has put the ten pilot division to the relevant departments, the relevant departments are in accordance with the division of labor)相关的主题文章:

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