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Buy wooden doors to recognize the solid wood door is not all solid wood? Many consumers in the purchase of wooden doors, that only the "solid wood" good. Once you hear a negative answer, and walked away. In fact, this is the lack of understanding of the cause of modern wooden doors. Currently on the market are not all solid wood door. ?? It is understood that the market is now the doors are in pine or import filling material for door frame, external application of MDF and wood veneer, after hot pressing made, called solid wood composite door. In the eyes of consumers and the so-called "wood doors", due to price reasons, generally used only for materials and parts fewer species, such as wood, edge and other local. Therefore, wood veneer Edge, is the highest level of modern wooden practice, even imported advanced European wooden door and so. In addition, whether it is the traditional solid wood door or modern wood composite door, the wood used for its material, texture and other differences, there is a clear high and low points, the market price difference is also great. Such as pine, fir, oak and so on is a low-grade wooden timber, high-grade walnut, cherry wood etc.. The value and quality of high-grade solid wood veneer is far more than the low-grade wood, especially a lot of low-grade wood, due to dehydration treatment does not pass (doors used usually require wood drying, water content in 8% to 12%), made of wood after prone to deformation and cracking, so now most of the high-grade wood veneer veneer, and often the price well, the product quality, product quality and appearance effect than the low real wood much higher. Many modern wooden decorative materials, the use of wood and stickers are common, but completely different grades. Wood veneer rich natural texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high; wooden stickers easily damaged, afraid of the water, but the price is low, which belongs to the popular products. When consumers buy, get clear wood, veneer or sticker is very important. Solid wood, veneer can be called "wood", and stickers can only call the "grain wood door". Experts remind consumers in the purchase of wooden doors to see whether the product has a national product certification, and must pay attention to see the product certification on the relevant departments to detect the type of wooden doors, so as not to be fooled.相关的主题文章:

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