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Business unit personnel was three highlights   personnel to be attracted to stay – Politics – "to those who rule the world of talent." Stimulate the vitality of talent, is the maximum in March 2016, the CPC Central Committee issued "on deepening talent development system reform opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), which involves a number of institutions in the selection and appointment of new initiatives. Daily economic news reporter noted that since then with the new deal in and out of the province, efforts to improve the evaluation, mobility, incentive mechanism, promote the reform of institutions of personnel management system. In mid August, the Ministry of education, Ministry of science and technology jointly formulated the opinions on strengthening the transformation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Colleges and universities. This opinion is further proposed, is conducive to improve the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation of personnel management system, technical personnel in Colleges and universities have the conditions to allow enterprises to part-time or undergo entrepreneurship, the personnel relationship will be retained for 3 years. Open recruitment, preparation, use titles independent permission to expand the "opinions" pointed out, give full play to the leading role in human body in personnel training, attracting and using the full implementation of the state-owned enterprises, universities, research institutes and other institutions and organizations employing autonomy. In recent years, although some places in the personnel management system to increase the intensity of reform, but the implementation of the autonomy of employees is not in place the phenomenon also exists in varying degrees." Jiangsu provincial organization department cadres Zhao Guangliang noted that many local talent is still mainly rely on the "government + administration leading mode, mobilize market forces, government show a prominent problem. In the view of Chinese researcher at the Institute of personnel Sun Rui, control of the government and research institutes in personnel management, mainly reflected in the total units to prepare and post, post setting, recruitment, job title, total wages, total wages, personnel performance rights system too strict death. People can not get reasonable configuration, not in the free competition, is not conducive to the promotion of scientific research innovation efficiency, more difficult to take out sophisticated talent. "With the person, oneself also. Know thyself, know yourself." It should be said, at what time and under what conditions and how to use the people, employers have the right to speak. With the introduction of the opinions, in some places this year has taken a solid pace for the institution of the right to self employment restrictions. At the beginning of August, the Jilin provincial Party Committee Organization Department and other three departments jointly issued a document to expand public institutions to recruit autonomy. In accordance with the provisions of the 5 types of high-level, highly skilled or urgently needed talent, in the premise of filing in advance, can always be independent announcement, independent recruitment. As for the special talent and grass-roots talent, according to the actual needs of the reasonable set of recruitment conditions, determine the examination method. June, Beijing issued a document that will be fully protected and the implementation of colleges and universities, research institutes, state-owned enterprises in the post settings, staffing, job evaluation, employment, income distribution, etc.. The July meeting of the Hebei provincial science and Technology Innovation Conference, the decentralization of universities and research institutes with autonomy, support independent transfers preparation, independent review title, allowing researchers part-time entrepreneurship, part-time reward. In Zhejiang, the primary medical units of the positive, deputy senior professional skills相关的主题文章:

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