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Baoan District government service mobile phone version of the line you just born child, from birth registration, apply for degree, University, business registration, apply for housing subsidies, venture capital fund, to apply for old-age social security, most of the procedures in life, no longer need to go to the relevant departments for queuing. Only need a little mobile phone will automatically submit materials, after finishing the relevant documents by mail at home…… This is not science fiction, but Shenzhen Baoan District enterprises and the masses can now enjoy the tangible benefits. To promote the reform of Internet plus government service mode in Shenzhen city under the background of Baoan District to "build the optimal government service area" as the goal, to launch a mobile phone version of the first national government service, realize the administrative examination and approval service mobile phone push to do". Zero distance PTT office administrative examination and approval service matters 756 November 2nd, the Baoan District government officially launched version of mobile phone service, which means that the district departments, the streets of 549 units, 207 administrative examination and approval service matters, can all be handled through mobile phone client. "Broken", to cover the material work flow into the past, enterprises and the masses of users only need to install the government service mobile phone client, stay at home will be able to handle all the administrative examination and approval service matters, whenever and wherever possible PTT Baoan". This is an important measure to open up the masses of Baoan District service last mile government services reform. Mobile phone for people living in the digital age, is the most intimate, the most convenient tool, in a sense, the mobile Internet has become the key point of the flow of the entrance. With the introduction of government services mobile terminal, the bidding business can also like sending and receiving express mail, online shopping, the public, businesses do not leave the house, you can zero distance administrative examination and approval services. I have learned that this is relying on the wisdom behind the Baoan government platform for large data systems. Earlier this year, according to the requirements of Guangdong and Shenzhen, a network of government service reform, Baoan District comprehensively promote the reform of government services. From the beginning of June 26th this year, in less than half the time, and Baoan District Street fully rely on the wisdom of government service platform to enable a new generation of smart government e-government service hall, officially entered the 4 era; by mid September, the region’s administrative examination and approval service matters has been achieved 100% online reporting, online approval 100%". From the traditional threshold approval, into the first trust after approval". From September to November, in about two months time, Baoan government services online version of the mobile phone, the wisdom of the government platform into everyone’s pocket. Relying on the wisdom of Baoan government platform, the administrative examination and approval service through online and offline seamless merger, business process to achieve the whole process of openness, dynamic feedback, sunshine and. At present, the all district departments and street 549, in units of 207 approval "two 100%". "When the people need the government, we are around; when not in need, we are on the horizon." In the interview, this sentence of Baoan party secretary Huang Min continuously from all levels of government workers spread in. How to make government services more sincere 1相关的主题文章:

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