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Alex Katz: the reality is now, the style is the content of Alex · Katz brush wife Ada (Ada), the "blue umbrella" (Blue Umbrella, 1979) American artist Alex · Katz (Alex  Katz, hereinafter referred to as Katz) 89 years old this year, is one of the most active artists in the world today. In recent years, the world major art institutions including Katz often held the exhibition of works, and his works by many collectors around the country to love. In the world’s major art fairs, Katz’s works are almost never absent. The most familiar to the public is his unique style, a large background monochrome painting, regardless of portrait or landscape, always with a distinctive color, concise but without details. Visiting Katz’s studio is a long-standing desire. In New York Manhattan West Broadway, when I rang the doorbell on the top floor of an apartment, is a thin old woman opened the door, "I’m ADA", "Alex is painting." The thin woman, is the most commonly used models of Katz paintings, nearly 60 years of marriage with his wife, Ada (Ada). The top floor about 5000 square feet, was divided into several large space, the inside, is Katz’s studio. Many of the exhibition works is done here. Katz was carefully drawing the outline of the figure on the canvas. Two assistants busy filing, move the large frame. After greeting, Katz continued to paint, and I looked at him. This is a typical loft, looking out of the window, across the street from the building; the noise from the street, from the open window. The difference is that the space is filled with the smell of new paint. Alex · Katz in Manhattan painting studio of a New York painter "my skills better than before, no drawings, not long to complete a painting. "He stopped and we started talking. Katz was born in New York, Broolyn, 1 years old with his family moved to Queens. Parents are immigrants from the former Soviet Union to the United states. The father was lost to the factory after the Soviet revolution, to the United States to start a new business; the actor’s mother was bent on being a star to the United states. Parents never limit Katz’s interest. He went to work, U.S. Navy sailors, got into the Kolb Union School of Art (Cooper Union Art College) art, then to Maine, Skau Hegan School of painting and sculpture (Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture) for further study. Graduated from school in the 50s of last century. Then under the city of Manhattan, is experiencing a recession since World War II manufacturing, SOHO manufacturers have moved away from New York, leaving a workshop served as vacant prewar buildings. These buildings are made of cast iron, and the space is large and the rent is low. It is the ideal place for young artists to work. "At that time, here is the industry t相关的主题文章:

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