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About seven years old son killed buried hill in search of distress in October 23rd alone even more than one in the afternoon, Ningbo Yinjiang police control room received the alarm, said a 80 year old man fell down Yinjiang temple bridge near the reservoir. Then Chen Jian police on duty with the association auxiliary Shu Honglie et al to the temple reservoir. Yangmeishan a granny was crying while wrestling to the alarm location, Chen Jian found a long braid and the waist of the old man fell to the ground, next to a middle-aged man alarm. Alarm man is near the contractor Yangmei hill, the same day he came to the mountains to trim Yang Meizhi, saw an old man crying very sad, take a few steps on the fall. The old man picked up, but the old man took a few steps back, then the police, "tour pal met her near the mountain, she was still crying down the mountain, about one or two hours." Man to the police said. Because of the rain, the old man’s shoes and clothes were wet and his shoes were stained with mud. "She has been crying, delirious, asked her what to say." Because the old man hurt, simply walk, the police can only be the old man back in the car, and then back. Finally, the police from the elderly about the intermittent get some information: the same day at three in the morning, the old man out of the von home. Chen Jian remembered a Shi Qi Feng Jia, Shi Qi quickly view the investigation, indeed, the day of the Shi Qi released an investigation: Weng granny, 69 years old, 1 in the morning from home out of Parkinson’s disease, long hair to the waist. Dream of his son was killed by the elderly to go up the mountain to find the right, long braids and waist, this is not our back to the old lady?" Chen Jian hurriedly call granny Weng family. Soon, Mrs. Weng’s daughter, son-in-law and other family members came. The old lady told Chen Jian Weng daughter Kim: "in the morning, I received a telephone sister, said an acquaintance in the ancient forest met the old lady, the old lady crying very sad. The acquaintance gave her 10 dollars, let her go home by bus, also called the village, so that the village cadres to tell their families. That’s when we found out that the old man had lost his family. One family are worried to death, hurried to the police Shiqi, also saw the surveillance." The old man around the bus, because they can not find change, some drivers look at her older, there is no money to collect her. Until the police received a phone call, the family is still looking around. When the family asked why the old lady ran away, the old lady said: "I dream of his son was killed, buried in the mountains. So I went out and took the bus to the mountains. I can’t find it. My feet are falling." "My mother always paranoid about some things, really give you trouble, thank you very much! Really, thanks to you!" Ms. Kim and his family to the police repeatedly thanked Chen jian. It is reported that the current elderly hospitalized with a broken leg. Ms. Kim wants to wait for the elderly to leave the police station and the police to thank the man.相关的主题文章:

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