A Xiangtan girl fall falls two mothers actively raising money from the third floor (video) superrecovery

A Xiangtan girl fall falls two mothers actively raising money from the third floor Xiangtan [original title: good story] girl fall from the third floor falls two mothers life escort Wang Qifeng falls, the mother rushed to the hospital to take care of Huang Shubin. Xiangtan online October 8th hearing, you must be strong! Come on. My mother is waiting for you here!" The morning of September 26th, Hunan, a hospital ward two spine ward, 15 year old girl Wang Qifeng because hurt not move on into the operation room, two middle-aged woman holding her hand, with the language and encouraged her eyes. The two men are Wang Qifeng’s adoptive mother and mother, her daughter after the accident, they waited at the side to take care of, to accompany her daughter to ride out the storm together. The story of a daughter and two mothers had to start from 15 years ago. Wang Qifeng was in the Meiqiao town of Xiangxiang city was born, the mother is very difficult to see Xiao Peifang, daughter of Xiao Peifang only reluctantly cry piteously for food, her adoptive to the village of banana town with Huang Shubin couple. Huang Shubin couple Wang Qifeng as their own daughter generally love, often let Xiao Peifang visit home. Xiao Peifang saw her in the new family life happy, originally tugging at the heart to comfort. The weather is unpredictable, Wang Qifeng’s father died in April 2014 due to a serious illness, the original economic relatively well-off family because of the loss of the pillar, suddenly collapsed down. Since then, Xiao Peifang actively to help Huang Shubin home, more and more exchanges between the two people, feeling more and more, Wang Qifeng always knew that he has two mother, "I can get two copies of love, it is double happiness." The young chicken is quite sensible and well behaved. Daughter accidentally fell from the third floor in order to reduce the burden of Huang Shubin, in 2015, simply put the Phoenix back to pick up the back, arranged in the town of Xiangxiang City, the town of Pu Pu secondary school. After graduating from junior, Kai Feng did not continue to read, but to go to Zhengzhou for a distant relatives, learning graphic design in the print shop in his home. Beginning in March this year, Wang Qifeng systemic swelling, accompanied by dizziness and other symptoms. Xiao Peifang took her back to Xiangxiang, after the hospital examination confirmed the diagnosis of nephritis, need to be hospitalized. Perhaps it is to know their condition is more serious, the child was mentally hit, looked a little trance." Xiao Peifang said, the morning of September 14th at about 8, Kai Feng to take the clothes on the third floor balcony at home, one foot from the third floor to the first floor balcony, the family immediately sent her to the Second Xiangya Hospital rescue. The two mother actively fundraising doctor said, Wang Qifeng was sent to the hospital, people are unconscious, the situation is very serious, through the ventilator, strengthen the treatment at present, Qi Feng’s vital signs was stable. The doctor said, Kai Feng is currently the main injury is pelvic fracture and lumbar fracture, will do two operations, the entire cost of $300 thousand. Daughter was seriously injured, Xiao Peifang regret and remorse, step by step to take care of her daughter. Mother Huang Shubin know the news, immediately rushed to the hospital to take care of it. Huang Shubin told us that after the death of her husband, now home to rely on a farm for a living. Although the economy is very tight, but she is also to borrow money to cure her daughter. Xiao Peifang said that now two joint aid相关的主题文章:

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