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A large truck rear end accident driver was trapped in the cab was pressed into a "thank 4 police officers, emergency rescue, we must be careful driving." September 26th, Taizhou, Xianju County Public Security Bureau police encountered a traffic accident on the way of handling the case, the police immediately after the accident was trapped in the car of the Shandong nationality truck driver rescue for the wounded to win the time. On the morning of 11 pm, Xianju County Public Security Bureau police station Chen Weiyu, Pang Junyou white, Li Bo Yu Yupeng, the Police Association 4 people went to Jiangsu to investigate the case of Changshu. Via wangjiangjing Jiaxing high-speed road, found in front of a car license Shandong blue truck collision accident, the cab has been pressed into a ball, the car was trapped. The police immediately rushed to stop, came to see. I saw the truck driver was stuck in the cab can not move, arms, legs are bleeding, pain expression. Considering the area police, the ambulance can not arrive at the scene quickly, 4 people to carry out immediate rescue. Chen Weiyu police car parked in the rear turn lights indicate the scene of the accident, traffic, and warning triangle is removed from the police car set up warning, to prevent the occurrence of traffic accident two. Subsequently, he contacted the local high-speed traffic police and 120 emergency treatment. Because the driver was trapped for a long time, in order to prevent the collapse of Pang Junyou, while feeding him water side to appease their emotions. Some people try to pry open the door to rescue the driver, but due to the severe deformation of the front did not succeed. Then, Chen Weiyu climbed into the cab to view, found that the steering wheel is unloaded, the driver may have difficulty. More than and 10 minutes later, the truck was turned off the steering wheel, we will rescue the driver together. A few minutes later, high-speed traffic police and 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, Chen Weiyu and other personnel to continue their handling trip.相关的主题文章:

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