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80 thousand yuan to raise the public to buy BMW? Lawyer: in fact, Ponzi scheme – Guizhou Channel – People’s original title: 80 thousand yuan to raise the public to buy BMW? Lawyer: it is a "Ponzi scheme" readers rebellion that the signing of the contract only to raise public car 80 thousand yuan dashuipiao, Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan and other places have burst "raise public car, car scam boss run away". The car has "golden nine silver ten", especially the "eleven" golden week is the general public Car Buying peak, on the current market, new car sales promotion and methods emerge in an endless stream. Buy a car such expensive goods, consumers naturally want a cheaper one point is. Recently, some people told reporters that the material said: a friend recommended him to a platform to raise the public to buy a car, the price is not only cheap, but also a contract, very reliable and low risk. However, "raise public car" sounds very fresh, let him hesitate — "Internet plus" era, although what is possible, but not necessarily a good cheap goods, this Car Buying is reliable? In this regard, the reporter conducted an interview to see, all the chips to buy a car in the end is flicker, or a new money saving model. Figure 80 thousand yuan to raise the public to buy BMW? Lawyer: it is a "Ponzi scheme" Mr. Tan Tomb-sweeping Day during this year’s home to Shandong, the local friends gave him a cheap car "good way" — by the local congregation raised a car sales company, 80 thousand yuan to buy a BMW car, fast one month to make the car slow three a month. Seeing a friend is indeed open to raise the public to buy a BMW car, he echocardiography. Unfortunately, after the payment of 80 thousand yuan of money to pay the car, the company began to delay the public to raise the car for a long time. Now more than six months in the past, the deadline for delivery of the contract deadline has passed, the car is still no trace. In desperation, some time ago he and some other unfortunate "crowdfunding" reported to the police. After the police intervention, it was found that the company has been on the road. 80 thousand yuan hit "Mr. Tan Shuipiao" told reporters that he did the Internet business in Guangzhou, has always been to "O2O" and "Internet +" mode is very interested, so to "raise public car" he quickly accepted, to see a friend indeed mentioned in the car, although a little disturbed, but was tempted to make money. He said, like a lot of APP software, I feel the ‘chips’ is a business model. The contract seems to be more reasonable, can not think of the end of the trap." Reporters from the information provided by Mr. Tan to see, the company has run away, claiming to be a listed company, and gave each a congregation to provide people with an air of importance "Car Buying contract" and member. The contract data like: customers pay 40 thousand yuan can buy 120 thousand yuan car, 80 thousand yuan can buy 240 thousand yuan car, the price does not contain their fill, licensing and other expenses; the company promised to pay within 100 days of the car, the car is not only in the local 4S shop, and the car directly to their customers name; to buy 120 thousand yuan car as an example, the customer must join the congregation riders League club, an annual payment of 1000 yuan fee, and in the next ten years at the club in 20 thousand the first year of consumption (such as maintenance, maintenance, insurance, gas and other projects). The most important point is that after ten years the company相关的主题文章:

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