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55.7% of respondents found that students around the school after school more and more home – Sohu Education vision for China, before, after school, there are a lot of children playing in the district. But now, less and less people play school. Three grade after the child, almost can not see the figure." Beijing parents Li Sheng said. Li Sheng is not the case. According to a survey by the social survey center of Chinese Youth Daily net joint questionnaires of 2002 people, 55.7% of the respondents felt around the primary school free play less and less, 66.8% of the respondents think that this is a higher grade, resulting in heavy schoolwork. 69% of respondents worry that the lack of communication between peers, the child’s world will become more and more self. Only 7.7% of respondents said that children play after school hours in more than 2 hours of Beijing citizens Zhao Zhongyang is a first grade student’s parents. He admitted that children do not go to play after school, and would rather play at home electronic products, "my children after school to write their homework, and then have an hour of free time, mainly playing computer. Now the children feel a lot less fun when we were young, in the school playground or in front of the house, and buddy jumping and running the game, or DIY toys, but also enhance the light of heart from care partners feelings". Beijing parents of children read the fourth grade rock Xi primary school, usually if you didn’t finish my homework before dinner, after dinner will continue to write, rarely go out to play, "finished work on the 9, after the play or read a book should be ready to rest". Now she is also thinking about how reasonable arrangements to ensure that children can go out to play every day. Shanxi city in Yuncheng province Saline Lake District Education Experimental School Teachers Li Wenjun, now the primary burden is too heavy, there are a number of English language in three major subjects, basically have homework every day. The children usually go to school at 5 in the afternoon, after dinner, at the beginning of the homework to start at the end of the day, it takes at least two hours, a little slower than the child is estimated to be more than 9 points on the 6. Our class is the experimental class, class two tasks, one is to conduct massive reading, reading reached tens of millions of years; the other is a free writing, writing an article every day. It can be said that after school, in addition to eat wash, basically no free time of their own". Li Wenjun said, had tried to give the children to reduce the amount of work, but the results of the examination and other parallel classes there is a gap. School and parents want to score, they can only continue to let the children go ahead. However, now we were taught in the class of art courses are skipping, aerobics, guitar, cube, Hulusi, gouache, let the children can get stretched body". According to the survey, 55.7% of respondents said that around the primary school after school to play less, and 29% of respondents believe that there is no change, more than 10.6% of respondents said. For the children after school playing time, only 7.7% of respondents said there are 2 hours or more, 37.7% of respondents said that in the 1 to 2 hours, 33.1% of the respondents said less than 1 hours, more 16.5% of respondents said no time)相关的主题文章:

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