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Master Kiyoshi Kurosawa: the movie is not political thriller at the Sino Japanese cooperation in Sina entertainment news interview when we open the door, Kiyoshi Kurosawa has just finished an interview with the media, reporters are asked to stand at the Tokyo Film Festival and "secret" in front of the background plate darkroom courtesy photo. The compact arrangement did not give him an interview for the rest of the time, Kiyoshi Kurosawa soon again seated, ready for dialogue with sina. Over sixty years of Kiyoshi Kurosawa as a horror movie master is famous in the world, still maintained a strong creative force. After the last year with "shore tour" in Cannes "a concern" won the best director, this year launched two new regression horror theme — "and" negative "with hair standing on end of the woman" (aka "darkroom secret"). The former gathered Nishijima Sujun, Yuko Takeuchi, and many other familiar faces, while the latter as his first foreign language film directed by the attention of the. "The theme of the film" women focus on 1893 invention of the "silver photography", tells the story of a thrilling love story. In the dialogue with us, "Kiyoshi Kurosawa said the film" the story idea as early as 20 years ago has been formed, this is by invitation only the French producer below; for well-known film critic shigehiko HASUMI "Ozu and Mizoguchi in France in twenty-first Century completed the fateful combination of" praise, Kiyoshi Kurosawa said there was no expression of reference Ozu with Mizoguchi, but for the great director and two par, great honor; and for not long ago in China discussed by 3D film, Kurosawa Shiya expressed their own views, "said 3D still didn’t feel the charm of the movie"; finally asked about abortion unfortunately the Japanese film "1905", Kiyoshi Kurosawa said "it’s a pity, because the political and film hook, but if the operation, now once again co productions, will worry China" too expensive "I’m afraid it’s hard to accept such a high salary. "The film" by the British horror film inspired 20 years ago: "the film has been conceived Q woman" this work is an original script, Kiyoshi Kurosawa is also the director’s first overseas works (France), why do you choose France as the movie stage? Is there any change in the creation of the script from the point of view of "overseas works" with the Japanese film? Is it different from the Japanese film? Kiyoshi Kurosawa: Well, this is because many of my works are shown to the public in France, in France there are many viewers watch my work. So a producer in France asked me if I was working on a film in france. And then there’s the woman in the film. If he hadn’t been invited, I wouldn’t have gone to france. But the story is that I had received an invitation from a British producer 20 years ago to ask me if I was filming a horror movie. At that time, it was the most popular Japanese horror film in europe. But, eventually, abortion. In fact, I have built this story on the silver version of the frame. Then there is the French producer’s invitation, and then I’ll take this she took them out again. )相关的主题文章:

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