National Day holiday tourism revenue generating 25 billion 830 million yuan in Hubei tourism recepti 驯龙高手dm456

Hubei National Day holiday tourism revenue 25 billion 830 million yuan tourism growth spurt according to the Hubei Provincial Tourism Committee October 7th comprehensive statistics, during the 2016 National Day golden week, the province’s total of 36 million 236 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 25 billion 830 million yuan, up 20.1% and 22.3% compared to the same caliber. Among them, the province’s focus on monitoring the total of 25 tourist attractions tourists 3 million 502 thousand and 500 passengers, ticket revenue of $348 million, an increase of 20.6% and 16.8%. Tourism growth spurt during the national day, the province’s key scenic spots and continued hot, emerging new industry products of rural tourism and urban tourism A new force suddenly rises., are popular, the trend of global tourism major tourist areas, tourism has become an important way to enhance people to share the happiness of a family union, or happiness. The province’s 10 5A scenic spots received a total of 2 million 501 thousand passengers, a total of $298 million ticket revenue. Among them, East Lake, Shennongjia, Wudang Mountains, the Three Gorges Dam, the Three Gorges and other scenic areas and other tourist attractions Huangpi Mulan more than 100 thousand people. Qingjiang Changyang Gallery scenic area from October 3rd to 5 consecutive days to reach the upper limit of the capacity of tourists, Shennongjia, Mulan ecological tourist area of has reached the level of early warning level. The province’s large and medium-sized city for its convenience, complete the tourism function and living facilities also attracted many tourists in Wuhan City, "Hubei tourism street" Hubuxiang tourism reception always remain high within 7 days, Hunan, Henan, Anhui and other places It is often seen. vehicle. Yichang, Shiyan, Xiangyang star hotel average occupancy rate reached 95%, part of the hotel occupancy rate reached 100%, hot spots around is hard to find a room. "Friends of Hubei" the overall image of tourism has gradually into the provinces of Hubei Tourism growth. The 7 day holiday, the Wuhan high speed rail station to station passenger total ranked third in the country, the tourism development of Hubei is full of gas has attracted much attention of many investors. October 6th, in Hubei Province, Wuhan city tourism department under the common witness, Wuhan District People’s government and the Beijing Zhongxing Investment Group signed a cooperation agreement in the Han 8 billion 550 million Yuan Mei tourism project. Rural tourism global flowering "eleven" Eve, Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission issued "Hubei 40 rural lines", the country have launched a number of view of rural scenery, farm products and enjoy the delicacy autumn flowers, characteristics and family pension, picking, leisure fishing, folk experience rich and colorful tourism activities, has become an important choice for the general public relax, leisure, travel peak. In Huanggang City, Yingshan County, eighteen Bay, nine funded in Luotian County River and the victory of Qichun County town, and Sanjiang Hubei Valley Resort rural tourism belt along, driving a vehicle was once part of the rural highway The stream never stops flowing., stop a dozen kilometers of hot scenes. During the National Day holiday, nearly 100 thousand people went to the Macheng City Huanggang five brain Mountain National Forest Park dream flower, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum garden Huangtugang Industrial Park, Fukuda Kakikuka production processing base and City Park Plaza Shopping Park, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum exhibition tours chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tea, but drink chrysanthemum wine, in the bridge, walk on drink wine, eat a maze, Macheng hanging pot meat.相关的主题文章:

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