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Pure love is the test of money will be extremely poor public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: warm brother original title: love can have no money, but not married! For marriage, do not be too idealistic, there is no best only suitable, age is the biggest advantage of each single, wandering the result is disappointing year after year". Love can have no money, but not marriage! Marriage should not be too idealistic 1 marriage must buy a car? Now how so snobbish?" A boy asked me like this. He and his girlfriend’s three years of underground love just exposure, was strongly opposed to the parents of girls. The boy graduated two years, has been in private struggle. His wages are not high, the family did not give him the ability to buy a house, no car instead of walking. He said: I am very hard, for their future. But he was too young, he had no background, no accumulation, and every step was hard. A lot of things can’t be done. Marriage must buy a car? Now how so snobbish?" So he asked me. He thought I would comfort him. I replied, "Yeah, that’s right. For many people, no money is not eligible to get married." I saw a small A and her boyfriend a bite to eat pickles Steamed Buns over, when love is sweet again. But watch the girl to advanced maternal age, and then people will become clear. Love is not an anesthetic. Every time I think about it, if they have money. No money, the most pure love will be money test, extraordinarily shabby. Like a gorgeous robe inside, covered with lice. Yes, marriage and love is not the same ah. Love has nothing to do with money. The 2 is the most cruel, even if how promote gender equality, social values in most of the responsibilities of the family or in the man on the shoulder. Because I have seen a lot of girls parents will not have money because of the boys, but do not agree with their love; but never seen any boy parents will be poor because of the girl, and do not agree with their marriage. I sat in the back seat of a bicycle you love, in the campus feel cool and the wind, my heart is sweet. After marriage, I sat in the back of your motorcycle, the child was held in front of you, a big winter, a family of three will soon be blown facial paralysis. All of a sudden a brake, our baby is like a badminton as light flew out. Love when we are strong and the occasional cold water hanging neither painful nor itching to get married after they found; no serious illness, milk money and kindergarten tuition light children accounted for more than half of the two wage. As a man, looked haggard lying in bed watching the children, because no money to pay the hospital and helpless wife, can’t you hear my heart burst sound? Why don’t you hate it? Poor is not wrong, but too poor to fight, do not want to get married. Marriage is a life, but not all. The difference is: if you have already emboldened, and quality).相关的主题文章:

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