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The traditional media face the new technology   content ideas change the user first – the media – original title: traditional media how to face the new technology in August 2013, Amazon founder Bezos acquired mired in the Washington Post, opened the prelude to post digital transformation. In July 2014, Forbes media company will sell a majority stake in the Hongkong consortium, up to a global brand, media and technology companies transition path. In July 2015, the financial times group was acquired by Nikkei news, analysts pointed out, which meets the needs of the Nikkei news globalization and digital growth strategy. Similar examples appear constantly, along with the rapid development in recent years, new media, traditional media will be eliminated "can be heard without end. In the world, the traditional media have become the focus of attention, is unable to get up after a fall in any market erosion, or change the new strong counter attack? The day before, organized by the people’s Daily "2016 Belt and Road Initiative media cooperation forum held in Beijing. The national media gathered to share the integration and transformation of the road, on the road to reform breaking. A new media is the traditional media "terminator"? Outline data of traditional media and new media "lonely figure" to thrive. IResearch released the "2016 China New Media Network User Research Report" shows that 60.8% of new media users will be the main way of WeChat, micro-blog and other social media for nearly three months to get news and information, 58.9% of users will be the mobile phone news client as the main way to get news information. "Although the new technology has brought tremendous changes in the media industry, but the most important thing is still accurate, true and fair." Andrini, Asia’s editor in chief of the financial times. Changes in the world’s traditional media or the reform of news production, or new technology and powerful combination to create a new pattern. New York Times to develop electronic subscriptions, and technology companies to cooperate, a change in the situation of successive losses; the daily telegraph to explore the central kitchen production model is talked about. Content is king, media convergence, digital transformation has become a consensus. In the view of many senior media people, media convergence is a process of mutual learning, mutual promotion and mutual integration between new media and traditional media. Traditional media should think deeply and actively explore from many angles, such as news communication and media operation. The British Post International Affairs general manager James think? "," the people continue to share information. If a piece of news is not shared by anyone, it is not news." He believes that the media need to constantly update the content, so that readers can always find information. On the general trend, the new media is not the terminator, more like a traditional media transformation and upgrading of the booster. Two questions break through the road what secret weapon? The digital era, traditional media should no longer print as the core, we should pay more attention to the influence of the change. The just concluded Olympic Games in Rio, swimmer Phelps won 5 gold 1 silver, the end of occupation career with There was no parallel in history. 23 Olympic gold medal. In view of this heat相关的主题文章:

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