Linyi man after the accident medical expenses stolen brush 3 minutes did not nearly ten thousand yua 残清1864

After the accident, Linyi men’s medical expenses stolen brush 3 minutes did not nearly ten thousand yuan in October 20th, after the Linyi man Liu accident, the accident vehicle insurance company paid a medical fee of $10 thousand. October 29th morning, Mr. Liu used to access the damages to the bank account is stolen brush three times in 3 minutes, a total loss of 9969.75 yuan. Currently, the local public security organs have accepted the case. Liu told reporters on the bed to show bank bills flowing. October 19th, Mr. Liu was injured in a car accident. The next day, the vehicle insurance company will be 10 thousand yuan of medical expenses into Mr. Liu Minsheng Bank account. October 29th morning, lying on the bed Liu received three messages from Minsheng Bank, showing his account has been the three cross-border transfer, involving a total amount of $9969.75. Bank card on their own, Mr. Liu also thought it was fraudulent sms. He hastened to call the bank customer service telephone inquiries, the results confirmed that the real money being transferred. When he is about to this bank card. After dawn, Mr. Liu relatives to the bank outlets to print out the account of the water, showing that the money is transferred through a Taiwan interbank trading services. October 31st, lying on the bed of Mr. Liu recalled, his bank card in front of the stolen brush had an exception. In October 25th, he had entrusted his brother to go to the bank to withdraw money, to the issuing bank teller machine withdrawals, can operate normally, but can not afford to pay. Liu brother to other bank teller machine, but successfully removed the money. Stolen brush with the insurance company’s money is almost the same." Liu said that when his bank card stolen brush a total of more than 13000 yuan, he saw the bank SMS and call the account is frozen in an hour to complete. Arguably, the criminals should have time to put the remaining money to go, why the other only turn away with the number of compensation gold almost? Liu suspected that he had just got into the card 10 thousand yuan. Liu said that his bank card opened online banking, but also on the phone had been trading, but had never had a problem. Reporters opened his cell phone found that there are a variety of anti-virus installed on his phone, account protection software, running the software did not find the existence of abnormal cell phone system. At the same time, Mr. Liu has also been determined never on the other person’s cell phone or computer login his bank account. How the criminals have stolen his account, and he hasn’t figured it out yet. Liu family to the local police station handling. Minsheng Bank staff told reporters that Mr. Liu is reported by telephone customer service account abnormalities, work orders have not been transferred to the bank account. After the work of the bank, the bank will first confirm the authenticity of the fraudulent situation, and then follow the process to carry out follow-up work. The reporter consulted a number of financial professionals in the field of information security after that, Mr. Liu’s bank account stolen there are two possibilities: one is, Mr. Liu in the use of bank cards, the card information is copied, the payment password has been mastered; two is the personal information, account number, ID number, mobile phone number master by others. Criminals use this information, can be transferred through a variety of payment channels. (Qilu Evening News)相关的主题文章:

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