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Man cycling butt escape after the car fell granny were rolling dead in the morning, it was still dark, people have to go out as soon as possible. A 70 year old woman pushing a tricycle, in a hurry to go to the market to sell off near maodou. A middle-aged man riding an electric car, to catch up with the hospital to see a doctor. A young man drove the car, just for breakfast after delivering the dough, is back. Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Xincheng Town Luo Dong Cun a country road, 3 of the people have to be strangers to each other "encounter", but it led to the tragedy. She did not think this morning was the only way which must be passed into their own way. The first is that the electric car, hit from behind the rear tricycle, Granny fell injured. The middle-aged people did not stop, Granny was lying on the ground. 11 minutes later, the young man driving a car from her body rolling over. Although the rescue, but powerless, she unfortunately died on the same day. Yesterday, Xiuzhou Traffic Police Brigade held a press briefing, released "10· to the media; details of the 24" Xincheng old line traffic accident case of apc. The police found a doubt 30 hours to solve the case October 24th at 5:40 in the morning, Liu Moumou to Xiuzhou Traffic Police Brigade police, said he was riding a car rolled to an old man, the driver is his brother-in-law must Zhou moumou. The specific location of the incident in Xincheng Town, Xiuzhou District Jialuo highway 18KM+760M Luo Dong Cun No. two Bridge Road, Liu Moumou alarm on the position of unclearence, Xincheng Xiuzhou Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police rushed to the scene, the injured have been rushed to hospital by ambulance to the elderly. Police at the scene to see, rolling the old man is a red BYD car, there is also a tricycle outside the embankment. After careful investigation, the police found a strange case, which is likely to be together two accidents. In other words, the old man had been hit by a red car before the collision with another car. Tune watch the incident section monitoring video, speculated to be confirmed. This section of video display monitor, at 5:21 in the morning, the old man from the north to the south to carry out the human tricycle, a car traveling in the same direction of the electric car from behind, and the electric tricycle rear collision, tricycle impacted into the roadbed, the old man fell to the ground. Electric car did not stop, but left the scene. The old man sat up and moved his hands to the side of the road, but after a few steps he lay down. In the meantime, there are motor vehicles and non motorized vehicles, have avoided the elderly, no parking and alarm. 5:32, red BYD car traveling from north to south, resulting in the rolling of the elderly. Due to injury, the elderly died on the same day. The reporter learned from the police, 78 years old this year, Xincheng Town Luo Xing Village, the incident is going to sell soybean farms. Through further video tracking, the police identified the identity of the electric car driver. October 25th at 11:30 in the morning, that is, 30 hours after the incident, the Xiuzhou Police Brigade accident squadron police in Jiangsu, Wujiang Province town of electric vehicle driver arrested moumou. Another hit and run to find someone to pack the top two interchangeable coat, the driver to find a top bag. 43 years of age, such as a bad stomach, some time ago.相关的主题文章:

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