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Vanke Park Avenue building area of 98 square meters has 3 rooms in the sale price of about 50 thousand and 1 – Guide – Shanghai Locke network?? Locke Sina News (editor Zong Ying) Vanke Park Avenue Project is currently in the sale of 3 Housing construction area of about 98 square meters to 101 square meters of 3 rooms, 126 square 4 rooms, the average price of about 51000 yuan square meters, please call the sales offices. ? Advisory Tel: 400-606-6969? Vanke park avenue for the Shanghai Vanke Group project, the district has children’s entertainment places, the elderly activities. Project north has a width of 200 meters, an area of nearly 600 thousand square Greenwood Avenue, within the district set the speed of the runway, a roller skating rink, croquet, fitness equipment, badminton courts, volleyball courts, so that the owners of life more rich and colorful. In addition, Maqiao plate has four parks, 2 Park covers an area of about 40 thousand square, 1 of about 14 thousand, 1 of about 10 thousand, the overall volume of nearly 110 thousand, equivalent to about 17 of the size of a football field.     Vanke Park Avenue in the district to build, Butterfly Music Square, reading square, the sinking of the art garden, so that community public activities more perfect.             170000 other projects recommended:         Anting (new town) project to push the Bonn style soon, push the construction area of 75 square meters of 2 rooms and 89 square meters to 107 square meters with the decoration of 3 rooms, the price to be determined, the details please call the sales office.     "important tips: this page content, designed to meet the needs of the majority of users to collect information provided, not advertising service information. The contents contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, for user reference and reference, and ultimately to the developer of the actual publicity prevail. Pre-sale of commercial housing must be made pre-sale permit, the user needs to carefully examine the developer’s certificate information in the purchase."相关的主题文章:

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