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Do not diet without injections can not lose weight? Women spend 2580 yuan a catty not thin people in Wenzhou Ouhai Ms. Chi slimming beauty center to do a thin card, but to do a number of weight loss treatment was Jin didn’t thin, which makes her very depressed, then requested a refund, but was refused the slimming beauty center. The day before, she told the Ouhai market supervision department. Ms. Chi is the people of Ouhai, she said, this home is located in Ouhai Bridge Street the beauty center declared not dieting, no injections, no medicine, only need to massage in the body can reach the corresponding point of weight loss, and promised a course of Ms. Chi did not effect a full refund. Because of such commitment, she immediately spent 2580 yuan to do a thin card, but after her with the beauty salon for many times only a pound of weight loss treatment, not thin, then find the person in charge requested a full refund, but refused to her, that her own not good diet control lead to weight loss is invalid. Find a refund hopeless, Ms. Chi is very angry, think that the existence of false propaganda of the beauty center, then on the matter to the Ouhai municipal supervision department complaints, and asked the beauty center in accordance with the original "invalid refund" commitment to a full refund. After receiving the complaint, Ouhai Xinqiao district market authority law enforcement officers immediately involved in the investigation. Finally, taking into account the fact that only when the pool lady pay a simple consumer vouchers, there is no exact evidence to prove that the payment made by the merchant before the payment, by law enforcement officers, the store only agreed to refund 2000 yuan. Here, the market supervision departments to remind the majority of female consumers, the love of beauty, but in an slimming beauty services, beauty services to choose qualified, and sign a written agreement in service before the stated conditions and additional treatment time, achieve the effect, do not rely on a variety of verbal commitment.相关的主题文章:

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