Man from Anhui to Suzhou to work by the police as a network of fugitives 驯龙高手dm456

The man from Anhui to Suzhou to work by the police to confirm the network fugitive not long ago, Kunshan east station auxiliary information found in the registration of residents, rented a guy in here, some unusual identity. The afternoon of September 5th, Kunshan police station north of the city police for patriotism and colleagues, as usual, to five of the village population registration information. When it comes to a house, there are three young men in it. Two of them understand the Fei Aiguo, but a guy left but some strange. According to regulations, foreign personnel must register personal information. At present, the man looked a little flustered, fee patriotic let him go to the police station to check the information. At this point, the man suddenly changed his mouth, took out the ID card. ID card shows that the man surnamed lu. Due to the abnormal performance of Lu, back to the police station, the fee will be patriotic to his information to the police, the night into the public security system. Unexpectedly, lvmou identity really unusual: the police information system, Lu and Anhui fugitives highly similar. In order to avoid the need for police to act rashly and alert the enemy, a temporary residence permit on the grounds, once again came to the rental housing. However, the house is only two guy. These two young men said, Lu in an intermediary to sleep. Not far from the rental of an intermediary company boss, and Lu is a fellow. In July this year, Lu came to Kunshan, and asked the boss to introduce him to a job. Soon, the police found in the agency is sleeping Lu, and brought back to the police station. Not long after, Lu admitted that online pursuit of information in man, is he. Because Lu has worked as a security guard, so the picture is his uniform photos. One day, a netizen asked Lu is not a police officer. Because the child is sick, lack of money on hand, Lu said he was the police, and promised to introduce the work of friends, and to ask for seven thousand yuan, as the cost of RBI relations. Who knows after a certain amount of money, but did not fulfill their commitments. User immediately alarm. After feeling wrong, under the panic of Lu, fled to Kunshan, was eventually found by the police. At present, he has been under criminal detention, and handed over to the Anhui police.相关的主题文章:

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