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Everybody said that nine more and more good that nine is how more than seven in Chengdu, "479" is synonymous with quality in middle school, the three "Sichuan students are sharpened to drill in the school, whether it is the annual enrollment or college entrance examination, has been highly concerned public. In recent years, the people for the 479 began to appear such a statement: nine more and more powerful, has overtaken the seven. Is this really the case? In this argument, today’s Chengdu school (ID:chengdumingxiao) and we talk about the first nine in the topic of whether or not to catch up with the seven. Small schools mainly in the nearly three years of college entrance examination results announced, the two nearly three years of senior high school entrance examination admission scores for reference, then from the two parts of parents and students to explore this interview, two of Chengdu’s top high school "catch up" problem. The school published annual contingent art college entrance examination scores will be reflected in a certain data processing and statistics, this discussion is mainly focused on the small seven, nine in the high school enrollment rate and fractional line. Nine in the middle has really caught up with the middle of the seven? First look at the seven and nine in the two five college entrance examination this year, a rate ranking: from science a rate, seven in the first place, and the second ranked SHUTER Ningxia is only 0.11%; the rate of Arts of SHUTER Ningxia in the first place, and seven higher in the 3.03%. Look at the two new campus science a rate of seven, compared with SHUTER, SHUTER brilliance of high foreign language, low 0.67% and 4.67% respectively. As a liberal arts high rate, seven in 66.67% compared with SHUTER, SHUTER brilliance 81.5% foreign language 82.6% is not a small gap. From this year both the rate of college entrance examination, in addition to a science rate is 0.11%, nine in the overall victory in seven. All along, the hearts of the public have such an impression: seven bias, the middle of the bias in the text of the nine. But from the college entrance examination this year, a rate of nine, not only the gap between science and arts is still strong, seven pull small, or even whether it is science or arts, nine in the new campus of the rate has been "abuse" the new campus in seven. Then look at seven and nine in 2015, the college entrance examination in 2014 the rate of ranking: from 2014, 2015 through the entrance of a rate list is not difficult to find, nine has been in hot pursuit of seven and seven, but there is still a certain gap, seven Avenue in 2014 and 2015, of science this rate is a rate of arts are ranked in the first two five areas, especially the two new campus in nine, SHUTER brilliance and SHUTER foreign language, a science in more than seven high rate is not a small gap. But in 2016, showing a comprehensive catch seven momentum in nine, both the old school or district, a science and arts a rate rate of "a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of the one. On the one hand, not only the nine liberal arts a rate of first place from seven in hand took over, or as high as seven in the 3.03% of the absolute advantage. On the other hand, the gap between science and science between nine and seven also narrowed from 2014’s 0.66%, in 2015 to 1.25% in the year of 2016 to 0.11%..相关的主题文章:

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