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Arts-and-Entertainment Before you start reading this article, get rid of from your mind of all the hype on weight loss and let’s get into the reality world. The quick tips for weight loss, which I’m about to explain here are focused into rules you should follow and avoid when you decide to lose weight. These to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes others are doing. #Rules to Avoid for Weight Loss Intense Exercise Firstly, let me describe the fact that intense aerobics such as jogging, stair climbing, stationary bikes do not help much when trying to lose fat. Intense aerobics burn mainly carbohydrates for energy, not fat tissue. If you over-exert yourself and your breathing (and heart rate) become too elevated then your body will burn mainly carbohydrates. Low Carbohydrate Diet Low carbohydrate diets are usually protein rich or fat rich based diet menu and you do need to be careful watch which carbohydrate that you eat, since the wrong intake can make you gain weight very quickly. You will start losing energy in your body since carbohydrate is an important for energy provider and all low carbohydrate diets are limited in calories. Low carbohydrate diet meals with high calorie dense will create additional fats in body instead of burning them. Cabbage Soup Diet This diet is very low in calories and can cause your body for starvation, which slow down your metabolism. When your metabolism rate is lower now, and therefore burns less energy than it did before. If you start going back to your old diet, this will result in weight gain. #The Rules to Follow Walking is the Best Exercise As said before, intense exercise will not work to burn your fat. Walking is the best exercise and you just need 2 sessions of 30 minutes of walking per day to maximize weight loss while dieting. This will greatly help to maximize weight loss while dieting. Rotation of Foods In order for an effective weight loss, you need to rotate carbohydrate and protein type of meals. You don’t need to worry on choosing the right meals or counting the amount of calories, since diet generator can help you to automate this. The meals are divided into few portions and each day the amount of portion for carbohydrate and protein will be different. For an example:- Day 1: Eat 3 Carbohydrate Meals and 1 Carbohydrate /Protein Mixed Meal – This means that 3 of your meals should be composed of only carbohydrate foods and 1 meal should be composed of BOTH protein and carbohydrate foods. Day 2: Eat 3 Carbohydrate Meals and 1 Protein Meal Day 3: Eat 2 Carbohydrate Meals and 2 Protein Meals All the above tips are few fromthe most proven and effective weight loss product – Fat Loss For Idiots. Learn more in details including sample of protein and carbohydrate meals. Also get yourself free bonus worth $ 59.70 on how to get flat stomach today (Only for limited time only) from the link below. About the Author: Paarth Republic Paarth Republic Lucknow Paarth Republic Kanpur Road 3 Bhk Flats in Paarth Republic Kanpur Road 3 Bhk Flats in Paarth Republic Lucknow Paarth Republic lucknow kanpu … 相关的主题文章:

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