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Self-Improvement When you are thinking about the term affirmation, what they are really are the terminology in the New Age camp, and it refers to positive thinking. It is quite self explanatory when you are trying to understand the concept, and all it is, is to use the power of messages and the power of self address to create a positive mental attitude, and with this, you would be able to have the power to empower yourself to do whatever it is you want. This article will detail some of the aspects of positive self affirmation and just how they can apply to you and your own self improvement philosophy. The technicalities of this are down to the message that is being used. More specifically, you need to look at how the message is being crafted and engineered, in such a way that they present an effective way to repeat to yourself on a daily basis. There are three things that each of these messages must have to be able to actually work. The first is it needs to be in the present tense, so it becomes more relevant, and the second is that it must be positive, so that it alludes to positive self affirmation. The last thing is that it needs to be really specific, so that it addresses the unique individual. The concept of this actually can be traced to a book that was written by one Rhonda Byrne, and it is called the secret. To all those who remember the movie in 2006, then you are thinking of the same thing. We can also look at the Laws of Attraction by one Esther and Kerry Hicks. The books actually follow the same train of thought as the concepts within the Think and Grow Rich book. What they actually promoted is the way to enforce and augment the mind with positive messages. They can actually be called neuro-linguistic programming, and sometimes, it can be mixed up with the concept of hypnosis. However, it is quite different because you are not in a helpless state at all. In fact, the good thing about positive affirmation is that you are in control of the entire process from the start to finish and you can actually feel whether or not the messages are working in the first place. The good news about this is that the concept of positive affirmation has been coupled with another concept of mind improvement, which is the subliminal technology for the mind. With the power of subliminal technology, affirmation has the power to penetrate the subconscious at a much better rate and the effectiveness of the messages would be improved. So, if you are interested in the concept of mental self improvement, you might want to look at these concepts and gain a higher spiritual consciousness for yourself. In the end of the day, your own mental growth should be in your hands and your hands alone, and you have the power to improve yourself as a person. 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