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Advertising You cant be everything to everyone, so stop trying. Most business owners accept any client, customer or patient that has a breath and a heartbeat. And then there are others who chase business away if they dont fit a certain criteria. Guess which one has the ability to charge the most for their product or service? Its the later of the two. Why? Because of positioning. They’ve positioned themselves in the marketplace as providing a premium product or service, so therefore they can charge a premium and chase away undesirable customers. Interesting concept, huh? For many businesses in America, their target market might have just shifted. Three years ago, a business who marketed to men between the ages of 30-50 making $65 grand a year and up, might have to raise that base income level to $85,000 or even $100,000. Many people have less disposable income these days, so pay attention to who is coming through your doors since we hit our recession. Are people objecting to price now more than they were before? You might need to target a more affluent prospect to make the same marketing return on investment that youre used to. In fact, you should have been marketing to them all along So, dont market to everybody. At the very best, you waste a tremendous amount of money marketing to people who are not interested in who you are, what you have to say, or the value that you offer. You will probably capture some passersby on the way who end up buying from you. But are they your ideal customer? Are they someone who will refer business your way? Or are they someone who will nickel and dime you until they feel that theyve whittled you down to your lowest price. Now, more than ever, I urge you to shed that thought process and become as selective of your target market as they are of selecting you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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