I always put together a video and picture slideshow recapping the entire vacation. In order to have good material for this slideshow 变魔术街头袭胸 冯小刚赞吴亦凡

Author: Tom Zapinski Article Source: MiNeeds.com , where consumers get competitive bids from Videographers. Read reviews, compare offers & save. Its free! Article Link: Tags: Party Videographer , photography , Event Videography , Vacation Photography , Vacation Montage, vacation slideshow , vacation slide show Its time to take your family on vacation. You have decided where to go, how to get there and what to do once you get there, but do you know what kind of pictures you should take to best capture the memories of this family vacation? We are going to cover a few ideas in this article so that you are prepared once you are on vacation. My goal when I take video and pictures of a vacation is to capture the vacation through my kids eyes. For a family vacation to Disney World, it is neat to see and take video of the different attractions and shows at different Disney parks, but the thing I myself want to remember about my families trip to Disney World is the amazement and magic that was on my kids faces and in their voice as we saw a show or got off a ride or met the characters. In order to capture these moments through my kids eyes, I always take both my video camera and my digital camera. The digital camera is great for getting still pictures of the different things we saw on the trip and to get a picture of your kids with Mickey. The video camera is what I use to capture the excitement of my kids meeting Mickey Mouse or Snow White leading up to the picture. I also like to use the video camera to get an interview with my kids after getting off the Star Wars ride at MGM and my son going, that was the GREATEST ride I have ever been on. His expression and description of the ride is just priceless and best captured with a video camera. When we are at a show watching Beauty and the Beast or Playhouse Disney, I have my video camera going the entire show and I have the video camera on my kids. I want to watch their expressions. I do video a little bit of the show just to remember what they were watching when they were looking so amazed. At the end of a vacation, I always put together a video and picture slideshow recapping the entire vacation. In order to have good material for this slideshow, I try and take as much video as possible because you never know when something cute will be said or something funny will happen. Once I have the video footage, I can edit the video down to the memorable parts, but if I dont have the footage to choose from, I wont have much of a video slideshow. Other pictures that I always try to get during the vacation are pictures of signs of the places we visited or where we stayed. These pictures are great in the slideshow for introducing a section of the vacation slideshow. I also make sure to get pictures of my entire family or group at different locations during the vacation. For video suggestions, take video of the kids talking about what you plan to do today. For instance, when we were at Disney and planning to go a Mickey Character breakfast, I took video of my kids in the morning and then I asked them, So where are we going today? Then they responded in their cute and priceless way about going to eat with Mickey. The excitement in the voices and on their face is what makes the vacation slideshow enjoyable to watch and is what I want to remember when I watch this slideshow in years to come. See what I am talking about be viewing my example video at ttp:///21stCentPageVer5/Vacation_Video.html If you concentrate on getting the types of pictures and video I describe in this article, you will have the perfect material to make a priceless photo/video slideshow of your vacation. If you need someone to take your vacation photos and video to create a priceless photo/video slideshow, contact 21st Century SlideshowsTM. You can find us on the web at Now lets summarize the types of photos and videos you want to get on your next family vacation. Tips Take as much video as possible. You never know what the kids are going to do or say. And you never know when something will happen that you really want to capture. Take pictures of signs of the places you visit. When creating a photo/video slideshow of your vacation, pictures of the signs of the places you visit make great introduction pictures for a section of the slideshow. Capture the kids expressions and reactions to what you are seeing. Dont just take video and pictures of the sites or the show you are watching. Take video interviews of the kids before and after going on a ride or seeing a show. An extra tip for making a great photo/video slideshow of your vacation, pick up music CDs of music that goes along with your vacation spot. For instance, if you are at Disney, pick up some Disney music CDs. This music can be used in your slideshow to make it more enjoyable to watch. Article written by Tom Zapinski, 21st Century SlideshowsTM Was the Article Useful? I hope you enjoyed the article! Please rate it at the following link, your feedback is highly appreciated: Tips On Getting Priceless Video And Photos On Your Family… 相关的主题文章:

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