Single Leg Scissors – Side Plank Once you have the proper information to get you past the misleading myths of toning your abs 章泽天罕见晒照 德国前总理去世

Health Everyone can tell you how to get toned abs, but when they lift up their shirt, the visible proof is nowhere to be found. Most of the fitness and nutrition information about toned abs is based on silly myths and partial-truths. Here are three myths that will help clear some of the confusion so you can get some visible improvements. Toned Abs Myth 1: Only cardio/aerobic exercise is required to uncover your 6-pack, washboard stomach. This is one is false. Doing just aerobic exercise alone cause your body to burn lean muscle tissue, along with body fat. Burning excess body fat is desired, but also burning lean muscle will work against giving you the tight, solid midsection that you want. Properly training the core and abs muscles in addition to some cardio will help you get the look. Toned Abs Myth 2: You only need to do resistance workouts to get the toned abs look. This is also false. If you only do resistance workouts, you will gain muscle mass but there will be a layer of fat and flab that covers and hides your muscles, making you look bulky instead of tightly defined. One simple approach is to begin your workouts with aerobic training, and then finish them with your resistance program. Toned Abs Myth 3: Isolation crunches are the greatest exercises for getting the 6-pack abs look. This is false too. The reason why is, simple crunches are very limited in regards to the number of core muscle fibers they stimulate. Isolation crunches don’t allow you to take advantage of multi-muscle movement synergy. In short – crunches are a very superficial exercise. You want to incorporate exercises that let you stimulate all layers of the core and abdominal muscles. Some of these ab and core exercises are: – The Cross-Leg Crunch – The Single Leg Plank Hold – The Reverse Incline Twist – The V Sit – Heels to Sky – Slow Touch Bicycles – Alternating, Single Leg Scissors – Side Plank Once you have the proper information to get you past the misleading myths of toning your abs, you are then ready to follow a program that is more likely to give you definite results in the shortest time period. By learning the myths to avoid, you will have also learned how to keep the improvements you’ve been able to achieve via a properly designed core workout/ab training plan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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